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The Completely Useless Unauthorized Star Trek Encyclopedia is a pseudo-reference guide that takes a comical look at the Star Trek universe, its cast and crew, and its fandom.


From the back cover
It's here! The book that could have been thicker and more jam-packed with facts and exposes, but wasn't. However, its disappointing size conceals a bumper collection of facts, both trivial and pointless, about Star Trek in all its incarnations, but especially the animated one.

The first entry alphabetically is:

  • Admiral
Mysterious, unnamed character from the pilot of The Next Generation. He just happened to be played by DeForest Kelley, star of The Original Series, and was about the same age as, oh, as Doctor McCoy would be, we suppose. He had apparently retired from the medical division of Starfleet and he hinted at a dislike of transporters and a relationship of some sort with a ship named Enterprise. Hmm, wonder who that could have been, then? Not our Doctor Leonard McCoy, obviously, else surely they'd have come clean and made no Bones about it.

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