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Sabotage… or Gremlins?

Background informationEdit

  • This is one of only a very few Star Trek comics ever to feature a non-canon secondary character on the cover without any members of the main cast being present. The image depicts Engineer Debbie Upton on her fateful spacewalk.



Canon characters listed below are linked to the main article about them. Non-canon characters are not linked, but those that recurred, appearing or being mentioned in more than one story, are defined further in DC TOS volume 1 characters.

Regular and recurring charactersEdit

Constitution class refit bridge, 2286

Senior staff of the Enterprise-A.

James T. Kirk 
USS Enterprise-A commanding officer, a Starfleet captain.
Vulcan Half-Vulcan Starfleet captain serving as Enterprise-A exec and science officer.
Leonard McCoy 
Enterprise-A CMO, a Starfleet commander.
Montgomery Scott 
Starfleet captain serving as Enterprise-A chief engineer.
Pavel Chekov 
Enterprise-A security chief, a Starfleet commander.
Enterprise-A communications officer, a Starfleet commander.
Hikaru Sulu 
Enterprise-A helmsman, a Starfleet commander.
Enterprise-A science officer. M'Ress appeared in two panels but had no dialogue.
Federation President, 2286

The President.

Federation president (see unnamed Federation president) : The Federation President. The President contacted the crew of the Enterprise-A personally shortly thereafter their light-marker visit to have them investigate the current condition of Gamma Trianguli VI.

Other charactersEdit

Codobach (β
Starfleet commander, with yellow uniform insignia patches, assigned to bridge command on the ship's night watch. Codobach was an alien with lizard-like green skin, bulbous pink eyes and a toothy snout.
Starfleet pilot, with gray uniform insignia patches, assigned to the helm on the ship's night watch. Grosdun was an alien with pink skin, and a bulbous cone-shaped skull.
Ludlo (β
Female Starfleet officer with green hair and blue goggles who gave the helm to Sulu when the day watch arrived.
Red-haired Starfleet officer who gave tactical to Chekov when the day watch arrived.
Debbie Upton 
Starfleet engineer. Debbie was a redhead in the comic, but was blonde on the cover.
Starfleet engineering cadet.
Communications officer 
Night watch communications officer. This officer was an alien with a noseless yellow face.


Hector o' th' Clyde 
Ancient Scottish gremlin of myth.


Bon-Wan's Light Marker 
Abandoned space buoy.
USS Enterprise-A quarter

USS Enterprise-A.

USS Enterprise-A : Federation starship.
TOS generic planet 5

Gamma Trianguli VI.

Gamma Trianguli VI:Planet
Scotty takes to referring to gremlins as "corbomites".
pyro units 
The ship's fire-fighting personnel.
Scotland Tech. 
Scotty's mother's alma mater was Scotland Tech.

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