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The Deep Space Log Book: A Second Season Companion is a paperback reference book published by Boxtree in the United Kingdom in 1995. The unofficial book focuses on the second season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.


From the book jacket
The Deep Space Log Book: A Second Season Companion picks up where its predecessor left off, providing complete coverage of the second season's credits and plot summaries. Also the cast and crew take part in detailed discussions of the making of each individual episode, and, as ever, authors Mark A. Altman and Edward Gross provide their lively debates on each episode's merits.
Also included is a guide to the various Deep Space novels and comics, and a question and answer session with executive producers Rick Berman, Michael Piller and Ira Steven Behr. Additionally cast members Avery Brooks, Nana Visitor, Siddig El Fadil and Rene Auberjonois reflect on early episodes and discuss plans for season three.
The Trek saga continues!

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