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From the book jacket
"We are constantly searching, not just for answers to our questions, but for new questions."
- Benjamin Sisko, "Emissary"
By popular demand... a second book of Star Trek trivia questions from the greatest science fiction phenomenon of all time! The Definitive Star Trek Trivia Book, Volume II contains more than two thousand new questions, quizzes, and brainteasers on topics ranging from "Personnel" to "Strategies and Tactics" to "Star Trek Romances." Test yourself and your friends – Who among you is the ultimate Star Trek expert?
1. Which episode begins with a giant hand grabbing the USS Enterprise?
2. What was Q's gift to Data in "Deja Q"?
3. Where did Benjamin Sisko first meet Dax?
a) Starfleet Academy b) Utopia Planitia c) Pelios Station d) USS Livingston
4. The Klingon who steers the mythological Barge of the Dead is named:
5. Match each shuttlecraft to its "parent" ship:
A. Chaffee i. USS Enterprise
B. Cochrane ii. USS Enterprise-A
C. Columbus iii. USS Enterprise-D
D. Copernicus iv. USS Defiant
E. Curie v. USS Voyager

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