The egg

The Egg, waiting to be launched

Egg graphic

A graphic of the Egg

"The Egg" was the name of an advanced probe, designed during the 24th century by Doctor Paul Stubbs. Its purpose was to study a neutron star/red giant star system in the Kavis Alpha sector.

Dr. Stubbs had been building and inspecting the probe for at least twenty years leading up to 2366 when a rare massive stellar explosion was due to occur. Starfleet provided transport via the USS Enterprise-D in its Shuttlebay 2. The experiment almost didn't happen, because of an accident involving advanced nanites that Wesley Crusher was working on at the time. However, it was successful and recorded data throughout the event. (TNG: "Evolution")

A graphic of the probe was displayed in Captain Jean-Luc Picard's quarters in early 2367. (TNG: "Family")

A similar probe was displayed on the master systems display in main engineering aboard the Enterprise-D; it was located in the main shuttlebay. (TNG: "The Mind's Eye")

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