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The Eternal Tide is a Pocket VOY novel written by Kirsten Beyer. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in August 2012.


From the book jacket
As the Voyager fleet continues its exploration of the Delta Quadrant, investigating the current status of sectors formerly controlled by the Borg becomes the fleet's priority. Two of the fleet's special mission vessels, Galen and Demeter are left at New Talax to aid Neelix's people while Voyager, Quirinal, Esquiline, Hawking, and Curie move out to do a systematic search for any remnants of the Borg or Caeliar. As this critical mission begins, Fleet Commander Afsarah Eden, who has shared what little she knows of her mysterious past with Captain Chakotay, begins to experience several more "awakenings" as she encounters artifacts, people, and places that make her feel connected to her long lost home. She is reluctant to allow these to overshadow her mission, but this becomes increasingly difficult as time passes. But in the midst of this growing crisis, no one in the fleet could anticipate the unexpected return of one of Starfleet's most revered leaders – a return that could hold the very fate of the galaxy in the balance.
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Background information

  • The novel was announced by the author on 16 September 2011. Beyer noted that it would pick up shortly after the events of Children of the Storm and "resolve two of the biggest ongoing story threads in the continuing Voyager saga". [1]
  • Cover art and design by Alan Dingman.

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