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The exciting conclusion to the Homecoming adventure!

The Farther Shore is a Pocket VOY novel – the second novel set after the conclusion of the television series – written by Christie Golden. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in July 2003.


From the book jacket
When an unstoppable Borg plague breaks out upon Earth, blame quickly falls on the newly returned crew of the Starship Voyager. Did Kathryn Janeway and the others unknowingly carry this insidious infection back with them? Many in Starfleet think so, and Seven of Nine in particular, falls under a cloud of suspicion.
Now, with a little help from the Starship Enterprise, Admiral Janeway must reunite her crew in a desperate, last-ditch attempt to discover the true source of the contagion and save Earth itself from assimilation into a voracious new Borg Collective.
But time is running out.
Has Voyager come home only to witness humanity's end?

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Kathryn Janeway
Starfleet admiral.
Starfleet commander.
Seven of Nine
Former Borg.
Harry Kim
Starfleet lieutenant.


Libby Webber
Harry's fiancée. Agent working for Starfleet Intelligence.
Kenneth Montgomery
Starfleet admiral.
Tuvok's son.
Aiden Fletcher
agent of Starfleet Intelligence
Brenna Covington
Corrupt Starfleet Intelligence Director, and aspiring Borg Queen.
Mark Johnson
Kathryn Janeways ex-fiance.
Carla Johnson
Mark's wife.
Kevin Johnson
Mark and Carla's son.


Borg; Enterprise-E, USS; fal-tor-voh; nanoprobe; Starfleet Intelligence; Voyager, USS

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