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From the back cover
A sacred trust, a never-ending vigil
A line in the stars
Not all threats to Federation security hail from strange new worlds. Starships and their crews cannot always safeguard the peace. From the Cardassian Obsidian Order to the Romulan Tal Shiar, the Federation is under hidden siege by the espionage agencies of its enemies. In a universe where information can be the greatest prize, it is often more effective to remain in the shadows. The Obsidian Order plots the disgrace of a Starfleet admiral. The Tal Shiar infiltrate the Daystrom Institute. One organization is uniquely qualified to counter these efforts – Starfleet Intelligence. Although its actions are rarely seen, Starfleet Intelligence maintains an unending vigil over threats to Federation peace. Its agents are the first line of defense.
The First Line: Starfleet Intelligence Handbook gives players and narrators alike a glimpse into this fascinating organization. Infiltrate Cardassian space inside a modified photon torpedo. Slip through the shadows beneath the vast Imperial Senate chambers on Romulus. Follow the trail of nefarious Ferengi merchants selling Federation secrets to the highest bidder. You are the front line and final defense, safeguarding the Federation from unseen threats and hidden enemies. Do you have what it takes?
The First Line: Starfleet Intelligence Handbook provides players with a new direction for their Star Trek: The Next Generation games. Focusing on the shadowy world of espionage in the 24th century, this book provides players and narrators alike with information on running cloak-and-dagger adventures. It includes:
  • Detailed character generation rules for Starfleet Intelligence operatives.
  • Information on mission teams, highly skilled cells of SI operatives. Also included are detailed rules for Mission Team episodes and series, giving players and narrators alike a whole new way to play the Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG.
  • In-depth treatments on rival agencies such as the Tal Shiar and the Obsidian Order, as well as on the history and role of espionage within the UFP.
  • New SI technology, plenty of supporting cast characters, locations for player operatives to visit, information on running extended espionage series, and more!

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The First Line is a sourcebook for the Last Unicorn Games Star Trek RPG.

  • Prolog
  • Introduction
  • A Secret History
  • Administration and Operations
  • The Mission Team
  • A Spy's Life
  • Intelligence Technologies
  • Other Intelligence Agencies
  • Locations
  • Intelligence Dossiers
  • Espionage Campaigns
  • Starfleet Intelligence Characters
  • Mission Briefings