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A distant colony faces total destruction – and only the Starship Enterprise can save it!

The Flaming Arrow is a Pocket TOS novel – #92 in the numbered series, and the fourth novel in the Star Trek: New Earth series – written by Kathy Oltion and Jerry Oltion. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in July 2000.


From the back cover
Beyond the borders of the Federation, Kirk must bring peace and security to the final frontier. His new mission: to defend an isolated Human colony on a newly discovered world, deter aggression from neighboring alien species, and ensure the survival of a brave new Earth!
Belle Terre's stubborn colonists have survived the countless hardships and natural disasters of their new home, only to face a deadly foreign enemy. The alien Kauld, intent on claiming the world's unique resources for their own, are determined to destroy the Human settlements at any costs. Months away from any hope of Starfleet reinforcements, the Starship Enterprise is all that stands between Belle Terre and an all-out alien invasion. But even Kirk and his valiant crew may not be enough to save the entire planet from a relentless assault by the ultimate weapon!

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