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The Four Years War is a role-playing game sourcebook detailing a mid-23rd century war with the Klingons, a prelude to the cold war seen in Star Trek: The Original Series and the Star Trek films.


This sourcebook was released as a scenario for Star Trek: The Role Playing Game, and used references from several novels and the Spaceflight Chronology (which differs from the more accepted and canon material in the Star Trek Chronology and later Star Trek: The Next Generation- and Star Trek: Enterprise-era productions). Introduced as "a concise compilation of library information on the conflict between the UFP and Klingons, stardates 1/9409 though 1/9806 (in the 2250s)." This was originally released as a set with book #2218, Return to Axanar.

This book was dedicated to Robert Heinlein and Joe Haldeman for their "skillful descriptions of future warfare".


The Planet Axanar

The History

The War

Related Issues

The Consequences

Timeline Chronology

Starship Tactics



Loom Aleek-om 
Starfleet historian.
Sir Kenneth A.F. Brighton 
Professor of psychohistory.
Zefram Cochrane
Matthew L. Lloyd 
Technician, second class, aboard UNSS Bonaventure
Ted Erickson 
Starfleet historian.


Battle of Axanar
USS Xenophon

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