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The Hazard of Concealing is a cancelled novel by Greg Cox. The novel was originally planned to be the fourth original novel based in the alternate reality established by Star Trek.

Summary Edit

From the publisher's catalog
An all-new adventure featuring the new Enterprise crew – from New York Times bestselling author Greg Cox.
The events of the recent movie have left one important loose end: the elder Spock from the 24th century. His knowledge of both technology and future events makes him one of the most important strategic assets in the galaxy. Starfleet Command wants Ambassador Spock to rejoin Starfleet and share that information with them, but Spock is reluctant to interfere with the unfolding of the new timeline. Will he be able to escape a sinister plan wrought by the enemies of the Federation, or will their quest to exploit Spock's wisdom succeed, with disastrous consequences?

Background information Edit

  • The novel's title originates from the Robert Burns poem, "Epistle To A Young Friend". [1]
  • The solicitation information in Simon & Schuster's Summer 2010 catalog, along with the preview cover, accidentally carried the title The Hazards of Concealing.
  • Originally due to be released in August 2010, and having received solicitation in the Summer 2010 publishers' catalog, the novel – along with the other three releases based on Star Trek – was announced as being placed "on hold" on 14 January 2010. [2]
  • Cox was able to reuse elements of this novel in his later Pocket TOS contribution, No Time Like the Past. Cox estimates that a third of the later novel is comprised of reworked components of this novel, in which Seven of Nine takes the role of the time traveller from the future that Spock would have. [3]

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