A species of intelligent plant, led by a clone of an Eugenics Wars-era scientist clones Spock with the intentions of creating a master race.


"Captain's log: Stardate 5554.4. The Enterprise has been ordered to a new planet recently discovered at the periphery of the galaxy."

A landing party beams down and they discover an apparently abandoned city that gives off confused life and power readings. While the away team is exploring the city, Sulu picks up a mobile plant and is poisoned. Spock discovers they are being scanned. As Dr. McCoy tries to save Sulu without much hope, the alien inhabitants of the planet approach and save Sulu's life. The alien creatures, who are intelligent plantlike beings, welcome the USS Enterprise crew to the planet Phylos.

A Phylosian, Agmar, tells Captain Kirk they did not wish to reveal themselves at first because they are a peaceful race and have a fear of aliens. McCoy asks, "How is it that you knew your antidote would work on a Human?" Agmar answers, "There have been humanoid aliens here before." He adds that a visitor came and the poison that affected Sulu was accidentally brought to the planet by this Human. It was like a plague, and they had no idea what was happening. The plague brought sickness and death to them but the Human subsequently worked to find a cure. They are a dying race.

The landing party is attacked by primitive flying plant life. When Sulu tries to shoot it, Agmar tells them that there is a weapon deactivator in effect and their destructive machines won't work. Spock is abducted by the creatures and Agmar says, "I'm sorry Captain Kirk but there was no other way." Kirk demands, "What are you talking about? Where have they taken Spock?" Agmar states, "He has been chosen to serve a greater cause. The Master has searched many years to find a specimen like Spock and now all the worlds of the galaxy will share in the beauty of peace and harmony." Kirk angrily exclaims, "So help me if you don't tell me where Spock has been taken..." The Phylosians chant, "Praise to the Master. Our Savior."

The landing party eventually meets that visitor and discovers that he is a Terran scientist by the name of Dr. Stavos Keniclius Five. He claims Spock's essence belongs to him because he wishes to clone Spock to create an intergalactic peacemaker. Stavos demands that Kirk return to his ship, but Kirk won't go without his first officer. Stavos tells him to leave or suffer the consequences, so they beam up.

"Captain's log: Stardate 5554.8. We have come upon one of the most fascinating discoveries we have ever seen. Plant life of extraordinary intelligence and technology, however, they have captured Mr. Spock apparently under the orders of a human named Keniclius. Lt. Uhura is trying to locate any reference to such a man in order to unravel the mystery of this giant Human."

Uhura finds a story about a modern Diogenes wandering the galaxy looking for someone special – a perfect specimen. Kirk realized that Dr. Keniclius has since died. Now a giant clone of him, by the name of Keniclius Five, has taken his place. Kirk beams down and orders Scott to take the ship out of orbit hoping the aliens will think they have left. Kirk finds Agmar and tries to convince him that they need Spock back, but he won't relinquish him and tries to show he is in good hands.

Keniclius Five clones Spock, crippling the Vulcan almost to the point of death. Kirk realizes the only way to save Spock is to recite aspects of Vulcan philosophy on life and death to Keniclius Five. Kirk convinces the clone that the galaxy is already peaceable, reached through their own efforts, not forced on them. Vulcan philosophy would never allow Spock Two to impose his will on other beings. Spock Two saves Spock's life using a Vulcan mind touch. Spock Two decides to remain on the planet with Keniclius and find a way to revitalize the dying Phylosian civilization.

Memorable Quotes

"Now, just a minute! I can't let you, whatever you are, inject him with some alien dewdrop!"
"To wait is to assure your friend's death. I must proceed."

- McCoy and Agmar

"Captain, these beings are of botanical origin."
"Intelligent plants."
"So it would seem."

- Spock and McCoy

"Readings indicate the beings used almost 70% of their brains. A very high ratio."

- Spock

"I am Doctor Stavos Keniclius Five. Welcome to Phylos, Captain Kirk."
"Where is Mr. Spock?"
"He is mine. The essence of him is mine. Return to your ship. Here is your communicator. Go back to your ship."
"Not without my first officer."
"I am sorry, Captain. You will leave now, or suffer the consequences."
"Kirk to Enterprise. Beam us up, Scotty."

- Stavos Keniclius Five and Kirk

"It is too late, Captain Kirk. In a few minutes your friend will be gone. But as Keniclius One lives on in each of his clones, so will Mr. Spock. Behold, gentlemen, the dawning of a new era, the salvation of a galaxy, Spock Two!!"

- Stavos Keniclius Five

"Well, how 'bout that? Great-granddaddy's weed spray still works!"

- McCoy

"His mind is gone!"

- McCoy, on Spock (alluding to "Spock's Brain")

"Spock, what is the logic in letting a man die for the sake of creating his duplicate? Explain it to me, sir. Explain it to me!"

- Kirk, to Spock Two

"Murderer! You've killed Spock!"

- James T. Kirk

"By the way, Mr. Sulu, any chance of teaching me that body throw? Could come in handy some time."
"I don't know, sir. It isn't just physical, you know. You have to be inscrutable."
"Inscrutable? Sulu, you're the most scrutable man I know!"

- Kirk and Sulu

Background Information

Story and production

  • Walter Koenig, whose character was written out of TAS, wrote this episode as his contribution to the series.
  • The living plant which attacks Sulu is named retlaw - Walter spelled backwards.
  • The Star Trek Concordance lists two characters, named "Morgan" and "Kolchek", who did not seem to have made an appearance in the final cut of the episode.


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2160s; 2060s; 2010s; belt light; chemical sprayer; clone; club; dilithium; Diogenes; dylovene; Eugenics Wars; Federation; Galactic Wars; humanism; IDIC; Klingons; knife; Kzinti; lead; medkit; Phylos; Phylosians; Phylosian starship; Retlaw plant; Romulans; spore cell; Staphylococcus; swooper; voder; Vulcans; Vulcan mind touch; weapons deactivator; weed spray

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