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The Janus Gate is a trilogy of Pocket TOS novels, written by L.A. Graf. Published by Pocket Books in 2002, the trilogy was intended to mark a revamping of the Original Series novels – including adopting the retroactive titling of the series (although, ultimately, only this and the Errand of Vengeance trilogy would carry it).

The trilogy follows the events of an alternate timeline that was created when the USS Enterprise was flung back in time three days by the cold restart of the warp core at the end of their mission to Psi 2000.


  1. Present Tense
  2. Future Imperfect
  3. Past Prologue

Background information

  • The goal of the trilogy was to focus on some of the more minor characters of Star Trek: The Original Series, while telling a story around the early episodes of the series. As editor John Ordover noted: "We wanted to go in and make it that much more of an impact when you saw the episode again. By the time the random security guard is pushed into the pit at the beginning of "What Are Little Girls Made Of?", we know who he is and we care." (Voyages of Imagination, p. 140)
  • Many of the trilogy's cover blurbs did not conform to the final storyline of the novel. The L.A. Graf pairing of Julia Ecklar and Karen Rose Cercone recalled that this was "for the same reason that a lot of our blurbs have been wrong… they have to print the cover long before we finish the book, and if we find a plot hole in the middle of writing, we have no compunctions about changing the plot completely around to make the book read better. Fortunately, [Pocket editor John Ordover was] very tolerant of this, as long as the final book came out well." (Voyages of Imagination, p. 140)
  • The Science Fiction Book Club released an exclusive hardback omnibus collection of the series in October 2002.

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