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The Kingdom of Elysian

A hardback copy of The Kingdom of Elysian

The Elysian Kingdom redirects here; for the SNW episode with a similar title, please see "The Elysian Kingdom".

The Kingdom of Elysian was a children's fantasy book written by Benny Russell, concerning three monarchs in a fictional kingdom and a quest for the Mercury Stone.

It was one of Rukiya's favorite stories, and her father, Doctor Joseph M'Benga, read it to her "like a hundred times" in 2259 when he briefly brought her out of transporter suspension. Rukiya's liked when M'Benga read the ending, though she did not like the ending itself. (SNW: "Ghosts of Illyria", "The Elysian Kingdom")

The book Dr. M'Benga read in "Ghosts of Illyria" was not identified until "The Elysian Kingdom".

In 2259, as the USS Enterprise concluded a routine survey mission of the Jonisian Nebula, an entity (later named Debra,) brought a version of the story to life from Rukiya's mind, converting parts of the ship to match settings from the book and telepathically taking the crew except for Dr. M'Benga, Rukiya and Hemmer. In Rukiya's version, the characters of Z'ymira the Huntress and Sir Adya join forces and have history, whereas they never actually met in the original story. When Debra released the crew after five hours, only Dr. M'Benga had memory of the experience. (SNW: "The Elysian Kingdom")


"Once upon a time," in the Kingdom of Elysian, lived King Ridley in the peaceful north, Princess Thalia in the lush east, and the evil Queen Neve to the south. King Ridley deals with allies, wizards, and betrayal in a quest to find the Mercury Stone, a weapon that Queen Neve would otherwise use to conquer the entire kingdom. (SNW: "The Elysian Kingdom")

At one point, Queen Neve imprisoned Princess Thalia in a tower until she was rescued by King Ridley. (SNW: "Ghosts of Illyria")

Eventually King Ridley gained possession of the stone, and realized that while keeping it would make him happy and offer protection, the stone has a soul and would die unless he let it go. (SNW: "The Elysian Kingdom")



King Ridley page

King Ridley

Once upon a time, in a far-off land was the beautiful Kingdom of Elysian. Within its borders ruled three monarchs. To the south ruled wicked Queen Neve, whose frozen heart governed with an iron fist. In the lush eastern kingdom ruled Princess Thalia, whose kind-heart was forever with her people.

And to the peaceful north, ruled King Ridley in whose heart lied all that was good and right with the...
King Ridley had much... admiration for the other... much to his sorrow... had set her sights... realms. It was her... desire to control... and crown herself... Elysian.
To this end,... Red Guard... feared... destroy...

King Ridley would seek out the Mercury Stone and win it as his own. His victory over Queen Neve would be assured. It is said that in the right hands the Mercury Stone has the power to cleanse the land of evil and bring prosperity to all. But if it were to fall into the wrong hands, the Mercury Stone's power would bring about a terrible long-lasting dark age across the land. (SNW: "Ghosts of Illyria")

Queen Neve page

Queen Neve

"And where might I find this powerful Stone?" King Ridley asked.
"The Mercury Stone was last rumored to rest in Lady Audrey's Woods to the west, my King. It was placed under a veil of protection. One that can only be disarmed by the purest of hearts." replied Wizard Caster. He continued, "But beware, King Ridley. For I am certain my brother, Wizard Pollux has warned Queen Neve about the Mercury Stone and may send fiends to hinder you."
King Ridley nodded grimly, accepting this new quest. Calling on Sir Adya, his most loyal and valiant knight, to accompany him. The two rode out on majestic steeds straight for Lady Audrey...

Princess Thalia page

Princess Thalia

Nodding in agreement, Sir Adya spurred her horse ahead. Alert, King Ridley followed. Suddenly, there came a loud crash from behind! King Ridley and Sir Adya whipped around, finding themselves facing several of the Red Guards sent by Queen Neve to spoil their plans and capture them.
King Ridley and Sir Adya grimly faced the Red Guards. Drawing her mighty sword, Sir Adya stepped protectively in front of King Ridley and motioned towards the Woods.
"My King! Please continue on. I will hold off this riff-raff and keep you safe."

King Ridley scanned the battlefield as Queen Neve's forces approached the border of his kingdom. Things were dark. The King's chamberlain, Sir Rauth, had turned against them. Their only ally, Princess Thalia, had fallen to the evil queen, and now King Ridley was greatly outnumbered.
"But, with Princess Thalia's forces defeated, the Huntress may be the only one who can help us turn the tide of this war and push back Queen Neve's Guard."

"I'm sorry, my King, to be the bearer of bad news. But this is the truth of our situation. And to make matters worse..."

Sir Adya page

Sir Adya

Sir Adya grew grim as she delivered this final bit of news, "I believe Sir Rauth has betrayed us to the evil Queen. He is the one who told her the location of the Mercury Stone"
King Ridley inhaled sharply. This news hitting him like a punch to the gut. It was not that King Ridley believed Sir Rauth to be completely loyal to him, the king had always suspected an underlying cowardliness to the man. But King Ridley had believed, falsely it would seem, that Sir Rauth would have remained by his side when the matter at hand was the very end of their beautiful kingdom, as well as the entire realm as they knew it.

"So, you do... would make... time?"
Sir Adya... very hard... terrible,... precious King... truths...

Pollux and Caster page

The Wizards Pollux and Caster

...past King Ridley as... to his death. He tried... of the rock face but to... the stones crumbled under... bruising them. He could... purchase and so with a cry,... Ridley sought out the one... promised he would never... his life.
The power of the Mercury Stone filled his head as King Ridley used his will, allowing it to touch that of the stone. First, there was a deep humming that vibrated off the very... the cliffs...
Sir Adya stood before King Ridley. ...and faithful, she waited... as King Ridley simmered... truth that she had just... to him. King Ridley's face... dark cloud of contemplation as...
...searching for an answer to his problems. Finally, he looked up and... Sir Adya.

King Ridley glanced page

A dog

King Ridley glanced back as he tried to regain control of his steed. His heart lurched with dismay at the sight of Sir Adya engaged in battle with the Red Guards. Concerned for Sir Adya's safety growing, King Ridley tried with all his might to calm his horse, hoping to slow it down so he could turn back.
But the horse was stubborn and would not be calmed.

The End page

King Ridley and Princess Thalia

The End. (SNW: "The Elysian Kingdom")

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