According to the novel Dangerous Ground, The Library of Charles & Serena Wilson was a library of psychiatry and psychology books that the couple had collected over the years. The books were by noted experts in their field. For Doctor John Rawley, who spent four years studying psychiatry in Europe, many of these books were like old companions. These books were located in the couples' living room. They had books by Sigmund Freud (Totem and Taboo, Three Contributions to the Theory of Sex, The Interpretation of Dreams, The Problem of Anxiety), Wilhelm Stekel (Technique of Analytical Psychotherapy), Franz Alexander (Medical View of Psychoanalysis), Lawrence Kubie (Practical Aspects of Psychoanalysis), Karen Horney (The Neurotic Personality of Our Time), and Gregory Zilboorg (History of Medical Psychology). There were, as well, half a dozen standard books on abnormal psychology, with Psychopathia Sexualis being the most foremost reference work on the subject. There was a shelf of detective novels, save for two volumes on criminology. One of these books was by the medical examiner of New York City, Thomas Gonzales (Legal Medicine and Toxicology). (TNG: "The Big Goodbye")

The pages seen in the episode were from the mystery novel Dangerous Ground by author Frances Sil Wickware. This novel was published in 1946. Information on this library was from page 37.
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