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The Making of Star Trek: The Next Generation was a trading card set produced by SkyBox and released in 1994. The set followed the creation of an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, from initial story idea to final airing.

The set came as a complete box, with three different versions available – the Collector's Edition, the Gold edition, and the Platinum edition. Each edition was limited to 50,000 sets, and each came with a different exclusive bonus – the Collector's Edition came with SkyVision discs and a viewer to use with them, the Gold edition came with a collectors' pin, while the Platinum edition came with a hologram card of the USS Enterprise-D encased in Lucite.

Base set

Card # Title Card # Title
Pre-Production 51 Sounds About Right
1 The Idea 52 Master of His Universe
2 Michael Piller, Executive Producer 53 Get a Grip
3 Pre-Production Meeting 54 The Keys to Success
4 Dollars and Sense 55 Roll with the Punches
5 Casting for Talent 56 On the Set
6 Picture This 57 Costumes, Captains and Klingons
7 Michael Okuda, Scenic Art Supervisor 58 Did He Say That?
8 Rick Sternbach, Senior Illustrator 59 On Your Mark...
9 Jeri Taylor, Executive Producer 60 Touch-Up
10 Following the Script 61 Slated for Duty
11 The P.A. System 62 Rick Berman, Executive Producer
12 On Schedule 63 David Livingston, Associate Producer
13 Stage Walk 64 Focused on His Work
14 Producers' Assistants 65 Lights! Camera! Action!
15 Press Kit 66 All This for Me?
Construction 67 What About This Angle?
16 24th-Century Designs 68 Peek-A-Blue
17 Blueprint for the Future 69 Operating Room
18 Virtually Everything 70 Conference Call
19 Touch-Ups 71 On the Set
20 Shuttle Bay Set 72 Space Veterans
21 On the Move 73 Direct Action
22 Klingon Arch 74 Merri Howard, Line Producer
23 Artistically Inclined 75 A.D.
24 Decorators in Space 76 Infinite Diversity
25 Worf After Hours 77 They Also Serve...
26 Ten Forward Drinks 78 Art and Craft
27 Push a Button 79 Red Alert
28 Tricorder Readings 80 Fan Mail
29 Bridge Builders 81 All-Star Lineup
30 Bridge Maintenance Special Effects
31 Set Lighting 82 Effective Visuals
32 Light It Up 83 A Model Employee
33 Making It Up 84 An Explosive Scene
Costume/Makeup 85 Room for Fun
34 Face Molding 86 Enterprising Effects
35 Electronic Makeup 87 Galaxy-Class Effects
36 Behind the Mask 88 Pyrogenesis
37 Future Face Post-Production
38 Primordial Worf 89 Peter Lauritson, Producer
39 Don't Make a Move 90 Musical Scores
40 Fabrics and Designs 91 Director and Composer
41 The Well-Dressed Alien 92 Play It Again
42 Space Clothes 93 The Voices of Space
43 Alterations 94 Fine Tuning
44 Hair-Raising Duties 95 It's All in the Tuning
45 Worf's "Look" 96 Directorial Debut
Production 97 Compositing Bay
46 A Call to Action 98 The Adventure Continues...
47 Standing In Checklists
48 Behind the Door 99 Checklist A
49 For the Record 100 Checklist B
50 Utility Sound

Chase cards

Card # Title Card # Title
SkyVision discs
Collector's Edition only
SV1 USS Enterprise-D SV4 Cardassian Galor Warship
SV2 Romulan Warbird SV5 Independent Borg Ship
SV3 Klingon Attack Cruiser
Platinum edition bonus
- USS Enterprise-D hologram, encased in Lucite

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