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The Making of Yesterday's Enterprise is a reference work by writer Eric A. Stillwell, a personal account covering the creation and production of "Yesterday's Enterprise", the third season Star Trek: The Next Generation episode.

Originally made available for sale through Lincoln Enterprises (and directly from Stillwell) in a spiral-bound format, it was republished by the author in October 2007 via Lulu Enterprises in trade paperback with new chapters.


From the publisher's website
"The Making of Yesterday's Enterprise" is from story co-writer and long-time "Star Trek: The Next Generation" script coordinator Eric A. Stillwell, and this book deftly chronicles the behind-the-scenes creation of the acclaimed episode "Yesterday's Enterprise" (ranked as the #1 series episode by Entertainment Weekly) from its inception to the final product and beyond.
Honest and insightful, this book provides a definitive behind-the-scenes look for anybody who has ever entertained the idea of writing for television; or simply for the curious fan who has ever wondered what it's really like to work on the most popular franchise in television history.
This book is a step-by-step journey through the process of developing and writing a story for television, from initial concept to final teleplay.

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