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The Man Between the Ears: Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy


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Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy is one of the most popular actors in the history of Hollywood. He is the man who brings Spock to life, and has played a diversity of other roles on both stage and screen. Nimoy recently has also become one of movieland's favorite film directors.
The Man Between the Ears tells the complete story, both the career and personal life, of this amazing man. Based on interviews with Nimoy, and those that have worked with him, the book presents a unique chronicle of a true success story.
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Based on his numerous interviews with Leonard Nimoy, Van Hise tells the story of the man as well as the entertainer.
This book chronicles the many talents of Leonard Nimoy from the beginning of his career in Boston to his latest starring work in the movie, Never Forget. His 25-year association with Star Trek is the centerpiece, but his work outside the Starship Enterprise is also covered, from such early efforts as Zombies of the Stratosphere to his latest directorial and acting work, and his stage debut in Vermont.

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