Maquis mauler

A boxing robe bearing the name

"The Maquis Mauler" was Chakotay's boxing name. In 2375, after being knocked out on a holodeck program Chakotay woke up in sickbay to a disapproving Doctor. The Doctor stated that he could use a needle and thread to fix a cut on Chakotay's head to make it a more manly scar. He called him "Chakotay: The Maquis Mauler" and talked about the idiocy of such a violent pastime.

Later, while trapped in chaotic space, Chakotay engaged in a number of vision quests in order to communicate with aliens native to the region. These vision quests took the form of Chakotay's boxing program in which he fought a round with Kid Chaos, a representation of the aliens. The name "The Maquis Mauler" adorned the back of Chakotay's robe. (VOY: "The Fight")

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