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The New Trek Programme Guide (published in the US as The New Trek Program Guide) is an unofficial episode guide to Star Trek: The Next Generation and the first two seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Episodes of the third season of Deep Space Nine, and the first ten episodes of Star Trek: Voyager - both still in production at the time of the book's writing - are covered briefly. One of the first episode guides produced by Virgin Books, its style would be adopted for many of the company's future episode guide publications.


From the book jacket
Star Trek and its successors The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine constitute the most popular television science fiction series still in production.
This book analyses the more recent aspects of the Star Trek phenomenon: it covers all the episodes of The Next Generation and the two seasons so far produced of Deep Space Nine.
Along with masses of factual information - plot synopses, cast and crew, and, uniquely, British transmission dates - this Programme Guide casts a gently critical eye over the series' continuity (and lack of it) and lingers over the moments of humour (intentional and otherwise).
In sum, this is a lighthearted, detailed and affectionate overview of the modern offspring of the 1960s Star Trek.

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The authors cover the history of Star Trek broadcasts in the UK, and introduce the episode summary format.

Episode summaries

Each season begins with a summary of the regular credited cast and crew. After airing dates, writers, directors, guest cast, and a synopsis, the episode summaries cover the following sections (where applicable):

Strange New Worlds
Planets and other celestial bodies seen or mentioned.
New Life Forms
Any new regular or recurring characters appearing for the first time.
Picard Manoeuvre
The habit introduced by Patrick Stewart of tugging on the uniform tunic.
Riker's Conquests
Becomes Bashir's (Failed?) Conquests for DS9 episodes.
Deanna Underused?
Episodes where Deanna Troi does not appear, or has minimal lines.
Data's Jokes
Ferengi Rules of Acquisition
Quark's Bar
Dialogue Triumphs
Memorable dialogue.
Future History
The history of the Star Trek universe post-1988.
Episode review, and miscellaneous trivia.


Full summaries of Deep Space Nine season three, up to "The Abandoned"; basic airing details up to "Family Business"; basic airing details of Voyager season one, up to "State of Flux".

Metaphor and Trek

Paul Cornell looks at the efforts of The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine to continue the work of The Original Series in presenting real life issues.

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