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After receiving a cryptic, urgent distress call from Dr. Beverly Crusher, Admiral Jean-Luc Picard enlists help from generations old and new to embark on one final adventure: a daring mission that will change Starfleet, and his old crew forever. (Season premiere)




Aboard the SS Eleos XII, the song "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire" plays at the same time as a log entry during the encounter with the Borg more than thirty years earlier, when the USS Enterprise-D had to hide from a Borg cube in a dust cloud. The Eleos computer suddenly warns of a security breach and unauthorized boarding, bringing Dr. Beverly Crusher upright in her bed. "They found us," she realizes, as she quickly orders the Eleos to charge its warp drive. A crew member wonders how they were found so quickly, but the doctor seals the door without a word to the man, who begins loudly pleading that he can help. Instructing the Eleos to "get us the hell out of here", Crusher locks another door behind her as she grabs a phaser rifle.

The unauthorized docking completes, and the airlock opens. Snarling, masked figures step aboard. Without any hesitation, Crusher opens fire on them, leading to a firefight in the airlock corridor. But the power cell in her phaser rifle depletes, resulting in her taking a glancing hit to the shoulder. Taking a risk, the doctor lunges forward to grab another rifle, and vaporizes one of the attackers. Using the reflective surface of a nearby container to track the other, Crusher fires into a coolant line, obscuring herself long enough to shoot down the other attacker. When it collapses to the deck, she coolly sets her phaser rifle to maximum and vaporizes the body.

With the other man onboard screaming to let him out, Crusher returns to the Eleos' bridge. With still one minute left before the warp core charges, other ships arrive. She instructs the computer to prepare a coded subspace transmission to Admiral Jean-Luc Picard, just as the Eleos goes to warp…

Act One[]

At Château Picard, Laris remarks to Picard about how "first love" was always the sweetest, as they observe the painting of the Enterprise-D hanging over the fireplace. Picard corrects her by saying she wasn't the first, remembering the USS Stargazer, but she was his favorite. Laris jokingly replies that she hopes the "favorite" won't be offended if the painting is taken down for cleaning. Picard idly muses that perhaps he could give it to Geordi La Forge, the current head of the Fleet Museum, and instructs one of his helpers to take it down and pack it. Laris stops the man from doing so with a warning look.

Picard is preparing to accompany Laris to Chaltok IV, where she will help set up diplomatic security, and the house is being packed up for his absence. Picard jokes that while Laris is working, he will sit by, sip Saurian brandy, and think about working on his memoir. Laris chides him that she doesn't have to prove how "in the present" he is. "The past matters, and that's okay," she tells him. Picard admits that these items, such as the Ressikan flute he picks up, are important to him as memories of dear friends, old and new, but still only memories. Laris points out that there comes a point in one's life where they must look to the past, not just the future. Picard hopes that will not be him, as he does not see himself as a man who needs a legacy, but rather a new adventure.

Sitting alone in his office as a storm rolls across the French countryside, Picard is writing out cards at his desk when he begins hearing the chirp of a combadge. He asks the house computer for its origin, but it is unable to locate it. Going through the packed boxes, he finds the sound coming from the combadge of his old uniform from the Enterprise-D. After somewhat literal answers to his questions (which exasperate him), the computer reveals it was using an unusual codec that required a passcode. Picard hears the combadge chirp again from another point in the room, and realizes it was using the Myriad codec and gives the computer his passcode. It is a recorded message from Beverly Crusher, who includes a set of encrypted coordinates, and gives the name "Hellbird". "And Jean-Luc… no Starfleet," she warns. "Trust no one."

Picard discusses the message with Laris, who could see that Crusher looked both terrified and injured. Picard has not spoken to the doctor in more than twenty years, nor has any other member of the old crew; she had just cut them all off without explanation. Laris thinks that their past history on the Enterprise, and that they had tried a romantic relationship at one point ("'Tried' is the operative word," Picard confirms), leads Crusher to see Picard as the only person she can trust. When he wonders about not wanting Starfleet involved, Laris examines the situation from her viewpoint as a former Tal Shiar operative: Crusher's fear is genuine, not the result of paranoia, and she is out of options, leading her to turn to Picard, and only Picard, for help. Both realize he will have to go to answer Crusher's call for help. Picard tries to be light about it, saying he might be back in a few days, maybe less, but Laris is more realistic, thinking it might be more. She tells him there is a bar on Chaltok IV where one could view the sunset, and she would save him a seat; meanwhile, she urges him to mind himself. After she leaves, Picard looks wistfully up at the painting of the Enterprise-D over the fireplace.

Starship models on sale in Guinan's bar

…"No one wants the fat ones"…

At 10 Forward Avenue in Los Angeles, Captain William T. Riker sits at the bar, asking the bartender whether Guinan is now "hawking souvenirs", noting the model ships. The barkeep replies it was for Frontier Day. When Riker notes the number of Enterprise-D models, she dismisses them as "the fat ones" and says no one wants them. He tells her to leave the bottle. As Picard joins him, Riker comments on the implied disrespect to the Galaxy-class. Picard jokingly refers to his old first officer as the "handsome elder statesman of Starfleet", while Riker laments how no one wants to hear an "old fart" drone on about 250 years of "boldly going"; both Picard and Riker are expected to give speeches for Frontier Day. Riker notes the worried look on his old captain's face. Picard thanks him for meeting in such circumstances and apologizes for taking Riker away from his family, but Riker's expression is grim when he replies that Deanna and Kestra would appreciate his absence, and offers to help.

Riker is surprised to hear about a message sent with the Myriad codec, thinking back to the "old days" when they used it because they thought their comms were compromised on Rigel VI (which Picard corrects to Rigel VII). Picard mentions the coordinates included with Crusher's message, and the word "Hellbird". Riker recalls that when Picard had been assimilated by the Borg, they had introduced a computer virus to interfere with their navigation system, adding the number 3 to every digit of their coordinates; adding 3 to the coordinates Crusher sent points to the Ryton system, outside Federation space, which Riker notes would be a perfect place to hide… but from what? In all the years he had known her, Picard had never seen her look so terrified. Riker then asks why she had cut everyone out of her life, but Picard says he needs to find a ship. Riker then amends that to "we", and knowing they can't charter one. Picard protests, saying he can't ask Riker to put his life in danger, but Riker retorts that they were overdue for a "good old-fashioned road trip". Though Crusher had said "no Starfleet", Riker knows of a workaround, as both men finish their drinks and leave. A man in the bar, holding a small Enterprise-D toy, watches them go, and drops the toy in his own drink.

On the planet M'talas Prime, a hooded figure steps into a crowded bazaar in District Six, before meeting with an Orion at a restaurant counter, who makes a transaction for some form of narcotic. The figure is revealed to be Raffaela Musiker, who appears to have lapsed back into her addiction. She laments that she is out of Starfleet, her girlfriend left her, and she's looking for a way back in. She has heard rumors of an experimental quantum tunneling device stolen from a Daystrom Institute offsite station that could be used as a weapon. She knows her dealer has information; she offers what money she has for that information. He reluctantly concedes that "a junkie wouldn't know when to quit", and mentions a possible lead involving the "Red Lady". When she asks what the "Red Lady" was, the Orion warns her not to ask questions that could get them both killed, and tells her he doesn't want to see her face again. Once Musiker leaves she unsteadily makes her way to a quieter area, then looks around before straightening up and pulling out a secure communicator; she is in fact working undercover for Starfleet Intelligence, and requests a debriefing – and more money. As she makes the call, she picks up the narcotic container she got from the dealer, stares at it for a long moment, then drops it to the ground.

Act Two[]

Picard and Riker take travel pod 05 up to Sol Station in Earth orbit, where Picard discusses his concerns about their plan. Riker reminds him that it was not a plan, but a ruse (which is the part Picard doesn't like); they were two high-ranking Starfleet officers conducting a routine inspection tour. Picard worries that they could both face court martial, and that Riker could lose all he had worked for. Riker agrees, but only if they get caught. He tells Picard to put on his best "inspection face", one of those "rigid, disapproving, sour expressions" he was famous for. Picard's expression fits Riker's description almost to a tee, as they approach their destination – the new USS Titan-A, a Constitution III-class vessel. As captain of her predecessor, Riker used a little sway to get onboard, but warns that the captain, Liam Shaw, would take some convincing to get him to change course to the Federation border, where Picard and Riker could then take a shuttle to the Ryton system. Shaw is not what Riker would consider a "friendly face", but Picard would recognize his first officer.

As the boatswain's whistle heralds their arrival, Picard and Riker are greeted by Seven of Nine, now in the uniform of a Starfleet commander, who grants them permission to come aboard. As Picard introduces her to Riker as "Seven", she quietly corrects him by saying that Captain Shaw preferred she use her birth name, Annika Hansen. Picard steps into the "inspection tour" role, forcing a Trill lieutenant to straighten up, while he straightens up the officer's combadge. Seven admits to being surprised they were coming, but hopes they will find the ship up to standards; Captain Shaw was catching up on his logs, but has requested they join him for dinner that evening. She also warns them to lower their expectations.

As the three officers step onto the bridge, Seven calls out "admiral on the bridge", adding "captain on the bridge" at Riker's cleared throat. The crew stands to attention, before Picard tells them to stand easy. The ensign at the helm seems extremely pleased to see them – at Picard's furtive questioning, Seven points out that she's Sidney La Forge, Geordi's daughter, whom Picard and Riker have not seen for a long time. Riker recalls that Geordi mentioned she'd wanted to be a pilot. Despite Picard trying to veer him from the topic, Riker embarrasses her somewhat by mentioning the nickname "Crash La Forge", earned at Starfleet Academy for twice crashing shuttles (to the smirked amusement of her crewmates). Seven orders communications open to the dockmaster and requests departure clearance. She turns to Picard and asks that he give the order to get underway, but he chooses to let her have that honor instead. She orders moorings cleared as the space doors open, before ordering aft thrusters at one-quarter impulse power. The Titan clears space doors, and Seven orders maximum warp. Picard worriedly asks if they shouldn't alert main engineering they were going to warp 9.99, but Seven quietly reminds him that the newer ships in the fleet now do so automatically. Picard quickly recovers (to Riker's amusement), saying that Seven would be a captain in no time. The Titan jumps ahead to warp.

Seven brings them to the conference room, where Captain Shaw has already started on his own dinner, remarking that the reputation of his guests preceded them so much, he started early. Picard gives the captain a bottle of his family wine, though Shaw remarks he was more of a Malbec man himself, and thinks Riker prefers bourbon. Riker confirms he likes the "occasional old fashioned" at times, and asks where Shaw had gotten that idea. The captain remarks that all the "bebop" he had purged from the computers when he took over spoke to Riker's "free-wheeling, loosey-goosey, Kentucky mash kind of style"; he admits to not being a fan of jazz, preferring structure and meter in his music (a nocturne by Frédéric Chopin playing in the background as he speaks), keeping tempo and time, which is why the two of them will likely find their inspection tour boring. Riker mentions it was a routine part of the fleet exercises for Frontier Day, but Picard seems curious; why would they find keeping their ships at readiness boring? Shaw replies that they would not be "blowing things up", taking fire or crash-landing, "the usual for you boys"; he brags that they would find the engines pristine, the hull intact, and every surface on the ship dust-free. Riker and Picard exchange glances, as they suggest changing course to the Ryton system. Shaw, wrong-footed, asks why they would do that, as it was on the edge of Federation space, further away and in the opposite direction from their intended course. Riker, appealing to the captain's ego, replies that it would give the new Titan "bragging rights", a great story for Frontier Day, with Picard adding about a final engineering inspection at Deep Space 4. Shaw points out that DS4 has been shut down now for over a year, at which point Seven supplies that she thinks he meant Deep Space 11, and Picard corrects himself.

To their surprise, Shaw refuses outright. He has been "keeping this train running" for five years, 36 missions, and that one didn't "get told where to go by standing in front of it and then changing the track". When Picard attempts to pull rank as an admiral, Shaw points out he was retired, and while Riker was an active captain, he was one without a command. The Titan was his ship now, Shaw reminds them, and proceeds to both compliment and disparage their careers, saying he had orders that came down from "actual officers", before emphatically denying the request. Seven points out that they could make up the time, but Shaw brusquely reminds her that her loyalty was to the ship, not to "old friends" and ex-Borg, the latter he says with some venom, earning a protest from Riker. Shaw leaves for his quarters and leaves Seven the conn, and insincerely hopes that the accommodations he has arranged for his "guests" are to their liking. As they leave for their quarters, Picard expresses his concern to Riker that every moment they're moving away from Ryton, the more worried he is about Crusher. When Riker asks what they could do, Picard has no idea, short of resorting to mutiny. Seven watches them leave, a pensive expression on her face.

Back on M'talas Prime, Musiker is alone aboard the SS La Sirena when a transmission comes in. Her Intelligence handler does not show their face, speaking through the ship's computer. She has not found anything on the "Red Lady", and her Intelligence contact is not any help in that regard either. Musiker requests a face-to-face to confer, which is denied. Frustrated, Musiker demands to know why they were bothering if her contact won't help her. When the contact asks her to speak freely, Musiker admits to the pressure: she has been undercover for months trying to discover who stole the experimental weapons tech from Daystrom, and why. The Orion gave her the "Red Lady", but she has no idea who or what that is and is terrified that whoever stole the weapons would use them to hurt people. She accuses the contact of not knowing what the job was like, at which point Musiker's Starfleet file is displayed on screen, noting her dishonorable discharge, being listed as "paranoid, obsessive and combative", 13 court martial-level offenses, and her issues with substance abuse. "Well, as far as mysterious handlers go, you're very detail-oriented," Musiker remarks sarcastically. The contact points out that the stolen weapons were an act of war, and that Musiker was a warrior; they suspect an imminent attack and urges Musiker to find the "Red Lady".

Act Three[]

Picard and Riker in bunk bed

"This is utterly humiliating."
"Yes, it is. Reminds me of my cadet days, only I don't remember having to get up to pee this much."

As the Titan proceeds at warp, Shaw's "accommodations" for Picard and Riker are bunks used by the lower decks crew, which Picard finds "utterly humiliating". It makes Riker think back to his cadet days, only he "didn't have to get up to pee this much". Picard recalls the last time he saw Crusher, "the way we left it", admitting it was not on the best of terms. He never believed it would be more than twenty years before they heard from her again, and Riker agrees that none of them did. Picard worries that it might be too late, before they hear Ensign La Forge calling them both to the observation deck.

Seven is there waiting for them, looking both incredibly tense and angry. She curtly apologizes for interrupting their sleep before asking for permission to speak freely, which Picard grants. She demands to know why they were really there, threatening to throw them both out an airlock and not look back. Riker is incensed, asking if that was how she spoke to an admiral, to which Seven retorts it was how she spoke to a friend. Picard reveals the message he received from Crusher, and how she said to trust no one, not even Starfleet. He didn't tell Seven because he didn't want to jeopardize her career. Seven bitterly admits that things were simpler when she was with the Fenris Rangers, relying on her instincts, but Picard and Admiral Kathryn Janeway had convinced her to join Starfleet instead. She had thought it was the right path, thinking she would one day inspire people to follow her, even if it was dangerous, like Picard did, but wonders how she can inspire anyone when she is under the command of someone like Shaw: "How am I supposed to just ignore my gut, ignore my instincts, just to follow orders?" Picard gently asks her to let him know when she finds that answer, because he never did. Just then, La Forge calls from the bridge, informing her that they were dropping out of warp.

Shuttle departing USS Titan-A

Picard and Riker commandereed a shuttle from the USS Titan-A to rescue Crusher.

As they accompany Seven to the bridge, Riker realizes she disobeyed Shaw's orders and took them to the Ryton system. The sensors detected a vessel with minimal power readings on the edge of the nebula, whose properties interfered with their ability to scan for life forms. Riker asks if she realizes the consequences of her action; Seven simply tells them that in exactly four minutes, the ensign guarding shuttlebay 3 will be called away. Picard thanks her, as he and Riker immediately leave for the shuttlebay. In his quarters, Shaw is awakened by the storm activity in the nebula, and angrily goes to the bridge, ordering Ensign Esmar to lock down the ship before demanding to know where Riker and Picard were. La Forge reports an unauthorized launch from Shuttlebay 3. Shaw coldly tells Seven she just "loyaltied [her] way out of a career", and demands a full report.

Back aboard La Sirena on M'talas Prime, Musiker's search for the "Red Lady" is going nowhere; it was not a person or a ship, but she soon realizes it was some kind of target. She asks for any events occurring in the next few months and discovers a dedication ceremony for a statue of Rachel Garrett, the captain of the USS Enterprise-C… a statue of red stone at the Starfleet recruiting center in District Seven. Musiker immediately has the ship take off.

Act Four[]

As La Sirena approaches the recruiting center, Musiker places the ship on autopilot and tries to open a channel to warn them of an imminent attack. However, all she receives is static, just as a quantum tunnel opens under the recruiting center, tearing it apart… while the other end of that tunnel is in the sky above, raining its broken debris over the city. All Musiker can do is stare in horror.

Meanwhile, the Titan shuttle approaches the Eleos, running on minimal power. Riker admires the view of the nebula ahead; Picard notes they had spent half their lives chasing such views, while Riker adds they had spent the other half missing the chase. Picard wonders if Riker is actually enjoying himself. "'Course not," Riker replies. "Are you?" As they enter sensor range, they are able to detect at least two Human lifesigns onboard, one corresponding with Crusher's last known Starfleet medical profile and also in critical condition. She will need help, as will the other person onboard, whom Picard wonders is friend or foe. As they arm themselves, Picard begins feeling a rush of adrenaline; when Riker asks if it was fear or the thought of seeing Crusher again, Picard admits it was both. "Your hands are stiff, my knees are killing me," Riker sardonically sums up. "So long as we don't have to move or shoot, we should be fine." As the airlock decontamination cycle completes, Riker asks if Picard was ready. "As ever," he replies.

Picard and Riker board the ship, seeing signs of the fight (Riker lapsing into calling Picard "captain" when he points out the phaser fire), and they detect the smell of delorium gas, from the breach in the coolant line Crusher created as a distraction. Riker also sees the scorch mark on the deck plate left from one of the vaporized assailants, noting that it was a kill shot, straight down, which didn't sound like the Crusher he knew. He also wonders about the ashes left behind. While Picard checks the ship's bridge, a man comes from behind him with a phaser.

Picard finds Crusher contained in a medical pod and calls out to Riker that he found her. Riker is brought onto the bridge at phaser-point by the unknown man. Picard identifies himself and Riker and tells him they were there to help and tells him to lower his weapon. As he does, Riker quickly elbows him in the face and disarms him. Picard realizes that Crusher would never have sent out a call for help only for herself. Riker asks who the man is, and he replies he is Crusher's son. An alarm sounds, indicating another vessel approaching. The man accuses Picard and Riker of leading "them" there, saying they had escaped from them on Sarnia, Exo-Port, and Kaphar. When Riker demands to know who their pursuers were, the man lowers the blast shield, revealing a massive vessel emerging from the nearby nebula.

Log entries[]

Memorable quotes[]

"First love is always the sweetest, isn't it?"
"Well, she wasn't the first, but she was certainly my favorite."

- Laris and Picard, looking at his painting of the USS Enterprise-D at Château Picard

"I am not a man who needs a legacy. I want a new adventure."

- Picard

"Admiral Picard, I'm encoding this transmission with coordinates."
"Listen to me very carefully. Hellbird. Repeat. Hellbird."
"And Jean-Luc, no Starfleet. Trust no one."

- Crusher, in her emergency message to Picard

"Guinan's hawking souvenirs now?"
"Ugh, it's for Frontier Day."
"How come you have so many Enterprise-Ds?"
"Oh, the fat ones? No one wants those."
"You better leave the bottle. You hear that, Jean-Luc? "No one wants the fat ones." That's "Galaxy-class" to you, young lady."

- Riker and Guinan's Bajoran bartender

"We could be court martialed for this. You could lose everything you've worked for."
"Only if we get caught. You got to sell this. Come on, Admiral, show me your inspection face. Give me one of those rigid, disapproving, sour expressions you're famous for. There it is."

- Picard and Riker, just before boarding the Titan-A

"Permission to come aboard, Commander?"
"Permission granted, sirs."
"This is Captain William Riker. Will, this is Seven of Nine…"
"Commander Annika Hansen, sir. Captain Shaw prefers that I use Hansen, Admiral."

- Picard, introducing Riker to Seven of Nine

"Uh, don't you think you should alert engineering that we're going to warp 9.99?"
"That's… no longer protocol on the newer models of the fleet. It's all automated now."
"Yeah, of course. You're going to be a captain before you know it, Commander Hansen."
"Excellent recovery, Admiral."
"Shut it, Will."

- Picard, Seven of Nine, and Riker, on the bridge of the Titan-A


- Seven of Nine, commanding the bridge of the Titan-A

"I apologize, Captain. Are we late?"
"Hardly. It's just your reputation proceeded you so far into the room that I started early."

- Picard and Shaw, during dinner

"Well, we won't be blowing things up. Taking or engaging in fire. Crash landing expectedly or unexpectedly. You know, the usual for you boys."

- Shaw, during dinner with Picard and Riker

"Hansen, your loyalty lies with this ship... not to old friends, former ex-Borg..."

- Shaw, making his feelings towards Seven of Nine and Picard clear

"'My career. When I was a Ranger, things were much... simpler. Trust my instincts. Bring justice to an unjust universe. But then you. You and Janeway convinced me to join Starfleet. (scoffs) I thought this could be the right path for me. I thought… I thought I could… one day inspire people to follow me, even if it's dangerous. The way that you do."

- Seven of Nine to Picard and Riker

"I like that Seven!"

- Riker

Background information[]


  • 10 February 2022: Title publicly revealed by Paramount+. [1]
  • This is the first episode of Star Trek: Picard to feature a title card.
  • The title of this episode, "The Next Generation", marks the first time that an episode title is shared with the title of a previous Star Trek series, Star Trek: The Next Generation. Previously, TNG: "Lower Decks" was an inspiration for the title of Star Trek: Lower Decks and SNW: "Strange New Worlds" launched the series of the same name.
  • The title might be an allusion to the reunion of several main characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation which had previously been announced for the third season of Picard. In addition, the episode also introduces literal next generations in the form of the children of Geordi La Forge and Beverly Crusher and the granddaughter of Raffaela Musiker, as well as several starships that bear the name of renowned legacy vessels (see Continuity below).


For Annie

Dedication "For Annie"

  • The end credits show a dedication, "For Annie", for Annie Wersching who passed away on January 29, 2023. Wersching played the Borg Queen during the second season of Picard and had made her television acting debut 20 years earlier on the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Oasis".
  • The main title and end credits themes from Star Trek: First Contact, written by Jerry Goldsmith, is used in both the opening and ending credits of this episode.
  • Four ships from Star Trek Online make their first on-screen appearance in this episode. The game's Odyssey-class and Pathfinder-class are represented by the USS Enterprise-F and the USS Voyager-B, respectively and an unnamed alien vessel is represented by the game's Elachi Qulash Frigate. In addition, the end credits show a schematic of the USS Pioneer at the Fleet Museum, representing the Pioneer-class, which is the starting type of player ship for the game's 2260s Starfleet faction. Previously, several ship classes from Star Trek Online already appeared in the Season 2 episodes "The Star Gazer" and "Farewell".
  • The episode opening "IN THE 25TH CENTURY..." evokes that of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, which reads "In the 23rd Century...".

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Appalachia, USS; Azetbur, USS; B'rel-class; Chandrasekhar, USS; Constance, USS; Constellation-class; Constitution-class; Constitution III-class (aka Neo-Constitution-class); Cunningham, USS; Daystrom Station (aka Daystrom offsite station); Deep Space 4 (aka DS4); Defiant-class (unnamed); DS11; Eleos XII, SS; Enterprise-A, USS; Enterprise-D, USS; Enterprise-F, USS; Excelsior, USS; Excelsior-class; Federation-class; Gagarin-class; Galaxy-class; Ganymede, USS; Hypatia, USS; Inquiry-class; Intrepid-class (unnamed); Kaplan F17 Speed Freighter; La Sirena, SS; Musashi, USS; NX-class; Odyssey-class; Pathfinder-class;Phoenix-class; Pioneer, USS; Pioneer-class; Red Lady (ship); Red Lady-type; Reliant-class; Resnik, USS; Saavik; Sagan-class; Sarahd, USS; Shallash, USS; Shras, USS; Shrike; Sol Station (aka Probert Station); Sol Station-type; Sovereign-class; Spacedock-type; Spacedock One; Stargazer (NCC-2893), USS; Stargazer (NCC-82893), USS; Sutherland-class; Thy'lek Shran, USS; T'Jan, USS; Titan-A, USS; travel pod; travel pod 05; Type 14 shuttlecraft; Varian Fry, USS; Venture, USS; Voyager, USS; Voyager-B, USS

Star chart references[]

40 Eridani; 61 Cygni; 81 Cancri; Acamar system; Ajilon; Akaali; Aldebaran; Algol; Alpha Centauri; Alpha Circini; Alpha Majoris; Altair; Andoria; Aneto; Arachnid Nebula; Archanis; Ardana system; Arcturus; Argelius; Argus; Argus Array; Azati Prime; Babel; Badlands, The; Bajor; Ba'ku system; Balancar; Barolia; Barradas; Benecia system; Benzar; Beta Lankal; Beta Leonis Minoris; Beta Rigel; Beta Thoridar; Beta Zeta; Betazed; B'hava'el; B'Moth; Bolarus; Calder; Capella; Cardassia system; Cardassian Union; Carraya system; Celes; Chin'toka; Clarus; Cor Caroli; Coridan; Corvan system; Cruses; Deep Space 9; Deep Space Station K-7; Delta system; Deneb (Kaitos); Deneva; Denobula; Dessica; Devolin; Devron; Doctari Alpha; Donatu; Dopteria; Draken; Draylax; Dreon; Earth; Earth Outposts; Eden; Elas; Elora; Epsilon Ceti B; Epsilon Serpentis; Evora; Fellebia; Ferengi Alliance; Ferenginar; FGC-347601; Free Haven; Galorndon Core; Gamma Eridon; Gamma Hromi; Gamma Tucanae; Ganalda; Gasko system; Gideon system; Glintara; H'atoria system; Halka; Hupyria; Hyralan; Inferna Prime; Iota Centauri; Iota Pavonis; Irtok; Japori; Kaferia; Kaleb; Kantare system; Khitomer system; Klaestron; Kobliad; Kressari system; Lorillia; Lya Station Alpha; Mab-Bu; Madena; Maluria; Manzar; Maxia; Memory Alpha; Mempa system; Merak; Minos Korva; Miri; Mizar; Mu Arae; Mu Virginis; Narendra; Nausicaa system; Nelvana; Nequencia; Nimbus; Nivalla; Nu Octantis; Ophiucus; Orellius; Organia system; Orion (planet); O'Ryan's Planet; Patriarchy, The; Peliar Zel; Pheben; Pi Piscis Australis; Pi³ Orionis; Planet Q; Pollux system; Porathia system; Preenos system; Procyon; Priors World; Proxima Centauri; Pyrithia; Qualor; Quam; Ramatis star system; Rator; Regulus system; Risa; Rolor Nebula; Romii; Romulus; Romulus system; Sarpedion; Sauria; Scalos system; Septimus; Septra; Setlik; Sherman's Planet; Sigma Draconis; Sol; Son'a; Starbase 1; Starbase 10; Starbase 11; Starbase 12; Starbase 157; Starbase 18; Starbase 19; Starbase 211; Starbase 214; Starbase 22; Starbase 23; Starbase 234; Starbase 24; Starbase 257; Starbase 29; Starbase 310; Starbase 343; Starbase 375; Starbase 39-Sierra; Starbase 4; Starbase 47; Starbase 62; Starbase 621; Starbase 718; Starbase 88; Starbase 9; Starbase G-6; Suliban; Tagra; Tagus; Talar; Talarian Republic; Talos system; Tarahong; Tarlac; Tau Ceti; Tellar; Tellun; Teneebia; Terix; Thalos; T'Met; Toroth; Tranome Sar; Trill system; Troyius; Turkana; Typhon Expanse; Tzenketh; Unefra; Unroth; Valakis system; Veda; Vega; Vendor system; Volchok; Vulcan (planet); Wolf 359; Xarantine; Xepolite; Xi Ophiuchi; Yadalla; Yridia; Zetar system

LCARS references[]

act of war; anti-deuterium; assassin; black hole; comet; communist; computer core; constellation; coordinates; damage report; database; deck; decommission; dishonorable discharge; dwarf; emperor; Empire Union Day; encryption; encryption codec; engineering grid; EPS power grid; expanse; Fenris Rangers; Frontier Day; galaxy; globular cluster; globule; Gratitude Festival; helm controls; hull damage; impulse drive; inner saucer grid; intermix chamber; intruder alert; king; league; life support; lifesign; magnetar; magnetic constriction; magnetic containment field; Mars; medical history; mercenary; message; military; moon; nacelle pylon; nacelle pylon grid; nebula; Operation: Daybreak; outer saucer grid; pirate; planet; plasma leak; power system; prisoner; protoplanetary disk; psych evaluation; pulsar; quark star; president; raider; recruitment drive; red dwarf; red giant; Red Giant 23139; Red Lady Bacteria; Red Lady Nebula; red matter; Red Priority; red supergiant; Red Wormhole; Redstone missile; re-routing; research group; scientist; security chokepoint; sensor; sensor array; squadron; star; structural integrity; subspace frequency; supergiant; supernova; system; tactical; tankage; team; temporal anomaly; terrorist cell; transmission frequency; tribe; vault; war damage report; warlord; warp core; warp plasma; warrior; wormhole

Service record references[]

analyst; Betazed; Conclave of the Eight; Decoration for Valor and Gallantry; drug rehabilitation; Janeway, Kathryn; paralysis; paranoia; reconstructive surgery; Romulan; Romulan Relations; Romulan Rescue Armada; Starfleet Command; Starfleet Headquarters; Starfleet Intelligence; Starfleet Medal of Honor; stasis; stimulant; substance abuse; Synth; Zhat Vash

USS Titan-A dedication plaque references[]

Aarniokoski, Doug; Addink, James; Admiralty Board; Appel, Cindy; Aronson, Shauna; Bai, Jiarui; Baiers, Aaron; Bartolone, Jason; Belker, Harald; Berg, Kevin; Berg, Virginia; Blass, Dave; Bocanegra, Dylan; Boucher, Adam; Calip, Ian; Chief of Staff; Chung, James; Constitution III-class; Courter, Kyle; Cross, Kevin; Crow, Michael; Ding, Yihong; Drexler, Doug; Eaves, John; Eliscu, Will; Falsetti, Nicole; Garcia, Rachael; Goldsman, Akiva; Gregory, Grace; Han, Gene; Hargreaves, Sean; Hornstein, Ellen; Jefferies, Walter M.; Joffin, Jon; Johnson, Rob; Kadin, Heather; Keeper, Anna; Kloczkowski, Liz; Knezevic, Igor; Krause, Bill; Kurtzman, Alex; Lacey, Fabian; Levine, Len; Lombardi, Jeffrey; MacKinnon, James; Maggs, Jane; Mandel, Geoffrey; Mantia, Maria; Marks, Todd; Martin, Jim; Massin, Dylan; Matalas, Terry; Meyers, Michael; Michelson, Harold; Monfette, Chris; Morris, Maxine; Nickels, Justin; Notarile, Crescenzo; Okuda, Michael; Okumura, Matt; Page, Neville; Probert, Andrew; Research and Development; Roddenberry, Eugene; Roddenberry, Gene; Roth, Trevor; Russ, Alex; Sagona, Matt; Sallvin, Tomas; Schneider, Scott; Stapf, David; Starfleet Command; Starfleet Operations; Steck, Jeff; Sternbach, Rick; Stølen, Kit; Tatosky, Brian; Thorpe, Maxwell; Tignini, Frank; Tretta, Sean; Van Dyke, Vincent; Varga, Von; Visencio, Mike; Weder, Andy; Zimmerman, Herman; Zimmerman, Jason; Zuelzke, Mark

USS Titan-A Duty Roster references[]

Alirez-Herberger, Reina; alpha shift; Antonyan, Vicky; Arnold, Amy; Barlow; beta shift; Betts, Ben; Brachman, Beryl; Bronson, Corey; Brown, Danny; Bulac-Eriksen, Dorothy; Cercone, Gina; Chan, Maggie; Checketts, Corey; Coronado-Carvalho, Sophia; Crow, Michael; Davis, Carmen; Dean, Sam; Decker, Lawrence; Dodd, Mark; Dommett, Sean; Drexler, Doug; Drozdowski, Elise; Estervig, Elizabeth; Feldt, Casey; Garnet, Filo; Foster, Dustin; Foster, John; gamma shift; Gree; Hansen, Jayse; Inoue, Lance; Jarvis, Andrew; Jerome, Matt; Kenney, Mitch; Kieffer, Chris; Krause, Bill; Landman, Daniel Mahler; Lee, Koko; Lim, Daniel; Macaluso, Peter; Macias, Bertha; Madrigal-Aviña, Alejandra; Maher, Amber; Marciano, Ariana; Markart, Larry; Marks, Todd A.; Martin, Jim; Martinez, Joe; McGunigle, Sharon; Meyers, Kasha; Nannie, Nathan; Oak; Parkin, Natasha; Plascencia, Christian; Polutanovich, Wendy; Ringhoff, John; Ruiz, Matthew; Scott, Lily; Short, Kainan; Short, Shannon; Sloan, Michael; Stanton, Ivory; Susilo, Imario; Taylor, Clint; Tovar, Joshua; Tull, Alyssa; Ventre, Cesha; Vesco; Wilkerson, Ray; Wilson, Kyle; Wndell; Youland, Tÿra

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