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The Nitpicker's Guide for Next Generation Trekkers is a guide to bloopers and nitpicks from the first six seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation.


From the back cover
Yes, we're fans. But we're not unobservant. Some of us even have Vulcanlike logic. Author Phil Farrand figures that even if you love somebody, you can tell them about that dab of mustard on their upper lip. So here's a compendium for Trekkers who are unafraid of pointing the finger at oversights, and who know it's great fun to find the sloppy mistakes (or cost-cutting cheating) in a show that takes itself very seriously. So get your VCR ready and your mind set for hours of enjoyment and mental stimulation with:
  • Plot oversights
  • Production problems
  • Changed premises
  • Equipment oddities
  • Trivia questions
  • Fun facts
  • Covers every show for all six seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Including the '92-'93 season
  • And more!

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