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The Official CBS Watch! Collector's Edition was the heading of a magazine series that started its run in 2014 as a spin-off publication of CBS Watch, a glossy lifestyle magazine published by CBS Communications (a subsidiary of the CBS Corporation, and sister company of CBS Studios, the titular owner of the Star Trek television franchise) and McMurry/TMG.

A monthly publication and unlike its source publication, the 100-page magazine issues were centered around a central theme stemming from (popular) culture, mostly pertaining to the world of movies and television. Like its source publication, the magazine was published as a glossy release, but high on picture content with minimal, cursory text captions. Editorial chores were subcontracted to publisher Media Lab Books, whose editorial department went under the name "Topix Media Labs, LLC", as mentioned on the covers of the magazines.

As owner of one of history's most successful media-franchises, the CBS conglomerate owed it to their standing to have its subsidiary pay attention to the phenomenon with the upcoming 50th anniversary of Star Trek, starting with the release of three Star Trek-themed issues in 2014-2015 in the Collector's Edition series.

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