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The Official Star Trek: The Next Generation Magazine was an authorized magazine published by Starlog Press between December 1987 and November 1994, focused on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The publishers of Starlog, Kerry O'Quinn and Norman Jacobs, launched the spin-off magazine in December 1987, shortly after the premiere of The Next Generation, partly in order to reduce the amount of Star Trek material being featured in Starlog, which was referenced on the magazine's cover.

The magazine provided summaries of episodes, as well as interviews with production staff. Like the other Starlog Press publications, the magazine is notable for the reproduction of numerous behind-the-scenes photographs and production art work, rarely seen in other publications. However, unlike Starlog itself, it suffered from an erratic publication schedule.


Issue # Month Cover Contents
1 December 1987 TNG Official Magazine issue 1 cover.jpg Episode summary: "Encounter at Farpoint".

Interviews: Gene Roddenberry, Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Denise Crosby, Michael Dorn, Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Wil Wheaton, Andrew Probert, Paul Lynch, David Gerrold.
Features: Touring the Enterprise, The World of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

2 January 1988 TNG Official Magazine issue 2 cover.jpg Episode summaries: "The Naked Now", "Code of Honor".

Interviews: John de Lancie, D.C. Fontana, Majel Barrett, Tracy Tormé, Michael Westmore, Katharyn Powers, Michael Baron.
Features: Creating Special Effects, Creating Makeup Effects.

3 March 1988 TNG Official Magazine issue 3 cover.jpg Episode summaries: "The Last Outpost", "Where No One Has Gone Before", "Lonely Among Us", "Haven"

Interviews: Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, Richard Krzemien, John de Lancie, James G. Becker.
Features: Why Q returned.

4 April 1988 TNG Official Magazine issue 4 cover.jpg Episode summaries: "Justice", "The Battle", "Hide and Q", "Too Short a Season", "The Big Goodbye".

Interviews: Patrick Stewart, Michael Dorn, Denise Crosby, Jonathan Frakes, Wil Wheaton, Gates McFadden, Andrew Probert, Rick Sternbach.
Features: Designing the Enterprise.

5 March 1989 TNG Official Magazine issue 5 cover.jpg Episode summaries: "The Child", "Angel One", "11001001", "Home Soil", "Coming of Age", "Heart of Glory", "Skin of Evil", "Conspiracy".

Interviews: Jonathan Frakes, Guy Vardaman.

6 April 1989 TNG Official Magazine issue 6 cover.jpg Episode summaries: "Where Silence Has Lease", "The Outrageous Okona", "Elementary, Dear Data", "Datalore", "When The Bough Breaks", "The Arsenal of Freedom", "Symbiosis", "We'll Always Have Paris", "The Neutral Zone".

Feature: From the Bridge: The New Sets

7 May 1989 TNG Official Magazine issue 7 cover.jpg Episode summaries: "Loud As A Whisper", "The Schizoid Man", "Unnatural Selection", "A Matter Of Honor".

Interviews: Diana Muldaur, Marina Sirtis, Jonathan Frakes, Patrick Stewart, Michael Dorn.
Features: The Weapons & Technology; The Uniforms & Civilian Outfits

8 June 1989 TNG Official Magazine issue 8 cover.jpg Episode summaries: "The Measure Of A Man", "The Dauphin", "Contagion", "The Royale", "Time Squared".

Interviews: Diana Muldaur, Howard Weinstein.
Features: Engineering (USS Yamato okudagram, Straleb security vessel sketches, El-Baz design sketches).

9 December 1989 TNG Official Magazine issue 9 cover.jpg Episode summaries: "The Icarus Factor", "Pen Pals", "Q Who", "Samaritan Snare", "Up The Long Ladder", "Manhunt", "The Emissary", "Peak Performance", "Shades of Gray".

Interviews: Jaime Hubbard, Michael Jan Friedman.

10 January 1990 TNG Official Magazine issue 10 cover.jpg Episode summaries: "Evolution", "The Ensigns of Command", "The Survivors", "Who Watches The Watchers".

Interviews: Rob Bowman, Corey Allen.
Features: The Borg; The Art of "The Next Generation".

11 March 1990 TNG Official Magazine issue 11 cover.jpg Episode summaries: "The Bonding", "Booby Trap", "The Enemy", "The Price", "The Vengeance Factor".

Interviews: Marina Sirtis, Wil Wheaton, Gene Roddenberry, Jonathan Frakes.

12 May 1990 TNG Official Magazine issue 12 cover.jpg Episode summaries: "The Defector", "The Hunted", "The High Ground", "Deja Q".

Interviews: Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn, Colm Meaney, Denise Crosby, Gates McFadden, Keith Sharee, Steve Price, Peter Moyer, Stan Kellam.
Features: The Special Effects; The Romulans.

13 February 1991 TNG Official Magazine issue 13 cover.jpg Episode summaries: "A Matter of Perspective", "Yesterday's Enterprise", "The Offspring", "Sins of the Father", "Allegiance", "Captain's Holiday", "Tin Man".

Interviews: LeVar Burton, Ronald D. Moore, A.C. Crispin, Howard Weinstein.

14 April 1991 TNG Official Magazine issue 14 cover.jpg Episode summaries: "Hollow Pursuits", "The Most Toys", "Sarek", "Ménage à Troi", "Transfigurations", "The Best of Both Worlds", "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II".

Interviews: Dennis McCarthy, Ron Jones, Mark Lenard, Patrick Stewart, Colm Meaney, Joanna Miles.

15 June 1991 TNG Official Magazine issue 15 cover.jpg Episode summaries: "Family", "Brothers", "Suddenly Human", "Remember Me", "Legacy", "Reunion", "Future Imperfect", "Final Mission", "The Loss", "Data's Day".

Interviews: Rick Sternbach, Michael Okuda, Michael Dorn.

16 September 1991 TNG Official Magazine issue 16 cover.jpg Episode summaries: "The Wounded", "Devil's Due", "Clues", "First Contact", "Galaxy's Child", "Night Terrors", "Identity Crisis", "The Nth Degree".

Interviews: Sarah Higley, Robert Blackman, Keith Birdsong.

17 February 1992 TNG Official Magazine issue 17 cover.jpg Episode summaries: "Qpid", "The Drumhead", "Half a Life", "The Host", "The Mind's Eye", "In Theory", "Redemption".

Interviews: Leonard Nimoy, Cliff Bole, Marina Sirtis.

18 April 1992 TNG Official Magazine issue 18 cover.jpg Episode summaries: "Redemption II", "Darmok", "Ensign Ro", "Silicon Avatar", "Disaster", "The Game", "Unification I", "Unification II", "A Matter of Time".

Interviews: Jay Chattaway, Leonard Nimoy.

19 June 1992 TNG Official Magazine issue 19 cover.jpg Interviews: Tom Benko, Robert Wiemer, David Livingston, Robert Iscove, Win Phelps, David Carson, Michael Rhodes, Rob Legato, James L. Conway, Marvin V. Rush, Patrick Stewart.

Features: Director Checklist.

20 September 1992 TNG Official Magazine issue 20 cover.jpg Episode summaries: "New Ground", "Hero Worship", "Violations", "The Masterpiece Society", "Conundrum", "Power Play", "Ethics", "The Outcast".

Interviews: Bebe Neuwirth, Robert Scheerer.
Features: Next Generation Trivia.

21 February 1993 TNG Official Magazine issue 21 cover.jpg Episode summaries: "Cause and Effect", "The First Duty", "Cost of Living", "The Perfect Mate", "Imaginary Friend", "I Borg", "The Next Phase", "The Inner Light".

Interviews: Rick Kolbe, Les Landau, Peter Allan Fields, Naren Shankar, Ralph Phillips.

22 April 1993 TNG Official Magazine issue 22 cover.jpg Interviews: Brannon Braga, Hannah Louise Shearer, Pamela Gray, Thomas and Jo Perry, Alan J. Adler, Vanessa Greene, Michel Horvat, and Patrick Barry.
23 June 1993 TNG Official Magazine issue 23 cover.jpg Interviews: Robert Lederman, Timothy Bond, Ron Jarvis, Phil Scorza
24 August 1993 TNG Official Magazine issue 24 cover.jpg Interviews: Chip Chalmers, Russ Mayberry, Robert Becker, David Kemper, Kacey Arnold-Ince, Jacqueline Zambrano
25 November 1993 TNG Official Magazine issue 25 cover.jpg 100-page special.

Interviews: LeVar Burton, Brent Spiner.

26 February 1994 TNG Official Magazine issue 26 cover.jpg Interviews: Gabrielle Beaumont, Alex Singer, Peter Lauritson, Brent Spiner, Leonard Crofoot, Allison Hock, Randee Russell, David Bischoff, Philip LaZebnik.

Features: Directors' Index

27 April 1994 TNG Official Magazine issue 27 cover.jpg Episode summaries: "Descent, Part II", "Liaisons", "Interface", "Gambit, Part I", "Gambit, Part II", "Phantasms".

Interviews: Robert Hewitt Wolfe, Carolyn Seymour, Corey Allen, Jeri Taylor, Edithe Swensen.

28 June 1994 TNG Official Magazine issue 28 cover.jpg Episode summaries: "Dark Page", "Attached", "Force of Nature", "Inheritance", "Parallels".

Interviews: Gates McFadden, Dennis Bailey, Hallie Todd, Adam Nimoy, James Kahn, Steve Gerber, Beth Woods.

29 August 1994 TNG Official Magazine issue 29 cover.jpg Episode summaries: "The Pegasus", "Homeward", "Sub Rosa", "Lower Decks", "Thine Own Self".

Interviews: Lance Dickson, Jean Louise Matthias, Ronald Wilkerson, Dan Koeppel, Nick Sagan.
Features: Q Quips.

30 November 1994 TNG Official Magazine issue 30 cover.jpg  

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