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Issue 11 of The Official Star Trek: Voyager Magazine was the April 1997 issue.


"Interview Index"
A listing of interviews and miscellaneous articles related to VOY in this and all previous issues of The Official Star Trek: Voyager Magazine, as well as from issues of Starlog and Starlog Science-Fiction Explorer
Episode summary – "The Chute"
by John Sayers
Interview – Robert Duncan McNeill
by Ian Spelling & Joe Nazzaro
Episode summary – "The Swarm"
by John Sayers
Episode summary – "False Profits"
by John Sayers
"The Art of Voyager"
Concept art of the USS Voyager, Kazon shuttle and Kazon "destroyer" (both of which were preliminarily referred to as "Gazon" spacecraft), Kazon blaster, Federation Phaser rifle, and Maquis rank insignia
Episode summary – "Remember"
by John Sayers
Interview – Ed Begley, Jr.
by Ian Spelling
Episode summary – "Sacred Ground"
by John Sayers
Issue 10 The Official Star Trek: Voyager Magazine
Issue 11 – April 1997
Issue 12
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