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Issue 14 of The Official Star Trek: Voyager Magazine was the November 1997 issue.


Star Trek: Voyager Episode Checklist
A listing of all episodes from Season 1 to Season 3, with a brief synopsis of each installment
Fold-out poster featuring a promotional image of Seven of Nine in her silver catsuit
Episode summary – "Real Life"
by John Sayers
Interview – Robert Picardo
by Kathy Krantz & Keith Olexa
Fold-out posters of Danara Pel and Hikaru Sulu
Episode summary – "Distant Origin"
by John Sayers
Interview – Kate Mulgrew
by Ian Spelling
Interview – Jeri Ryan
by Ian Spelling
Fold-out poster of Seven of Nine as a Borg drone
Interview – Ethan Phillips
by Ian Spelling
Episode summary – "Displaced"
by John Sayers
Fold-out posters of Amelia Earhart and Seska hologram
Episode summary – "Worst Case Scenario"
by John Sayers
Issue 13 The Official Star Trek: Voyager Magazine
Issue 14 – November 1997
Issue 15
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