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Issue 15 of The Official Star Trek: Voyager Magazine was the February 1998 issue.


Fold-out poster of Chakotay
Interview – Winrich Kolbe
by Ian Spelling
Interview – Marvin Rush
by Bill Florence
Fold-out posters of Tom Paris and Neelix
Interview – Allan Kroeker
by Raj Manoharan
Interview – Cliff Bole
by Bill Florence
Interview – Jesus Trevino
by Ian Spelling
Fold-out poster of The Doctor
Episode summary – "Scorpion, Part I" (sic)
by John Sayers
Episode summary – "Scorpion, Part II"
by John Sayers
Fold-out posters of Tuvok and Harry Kim
Episode summary – "The Gift"
by John Sayers
Issue 14 The Official Star Trek: Voyager Magazine
Issue 15 – February 1998
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