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"There are three kinds of people I don't want to face while making a deal," master trader Carter Winston once said. "Vulcan bankers, Tellarite lawyers, or anybody Orion."
The Orions supplement for Star Trek: The Role Playing Game consists of two books. The Book of Common Knowledge contains information that is known to Federation, Klingon, and Romulan characters. Inside are the Orions' social structure, a racial history dating back hundreds of thousands of years, descriptions of trade on Rigel IV (where alien races have traded for millennia), details on Orion slavery, and numerous planetary descriptions.
The Book of Deep Knowledge provides that information known only to the gamemaster and Orion characters. It fills the gaps of Orion history, presents the Orion character generation system, describes Orion families, corporations, and governments, and sets the record straight on Orion pirates.
Whether seductive slaves or merchants extraordinaire, Orions are the most treacherous, egocentric, opportunistic, materialistic, hedonistic, and barbaric beings in the galaxy. Play them to the hilt with The Orions.

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