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The Price of Freedom was the third of an eight issue 25th Anniversary mini-series from DC Comics titled "The Modala Imperative." The series was published from July-October 1991 as a four-issue ST:TOS mini-series followed by a four-issue ST:TNG mini-series.

The first four issues were "A Little Seasoning," "Tools of Tyranny" and "The Price of Freedom" and "For Whom the Bell Tolls." The series continued for four more issues using ST: TNG characters: "In Memory, Yet Green," "Lies and Legends," "Prior Claim" and "Game, Set and Match."

Written by Michael Jan Friedman, the ST: TOS issues began with (#1) Kirk and Chekhov visiting the planet Modala to see how the culture had progressed since Capt. Christopher Pike had visited the world a few years earlier. The world has become a police state and the two are arrested. (#2) Spock and McCoy search for Kirk and Chekhov, who are busy trying to figure what happened to Modala and how they can fix it. (#3) After finding the two in prison and helping them escape, Spock and McCoy are captured. (#4) Rebel groups help free them and the four return to Enterprise without discovering what happened to Modala.

The four ST: TNG issues were written by Peter David. In them, (#1) Spock and Admiral McCoy return to Modala with the Enterprise crew as Federation representatives at the 100th anniversary of the planet's freedom. (#2) After Picard, Troi, Spock and McCoy beam down, the Enterprise diverts to a distress call. Meanwhile, the Ferengi arrive to disrupt the celebration on Modala, claiming they own the planet and the leaders must pay them. (#3) The Enterprise figures out the Ferengi have tricked them and return to the planet. Meanwhile, the landing party members are taken captive. (#4) Spock helps Troi and McCoy escape while Picard challenges the Ferengi leader to a duel. Picard wins and the Ferengi leave.

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