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The Ready Room DIS season 4 title card

The title card for season 4

Information pertaining to season 4 of The Ready Room.


Title Episode Topic Guest(s) Runtime Original airdate
Discovery (Season 4)
"Kobayashi Maru" 4x01 DIS: "Kobayashi Maru" and PRO: "Terror Firma" Sonequa Martin-Green and Kate Mulgrew 35 2021-11-18
"Anomaly (DIS)" 4x02 "Anomaly (DIS)" David Ajala 25 2021-11-29
"Choose to Live" 4x03 "Choose to Live" Ian Alexander and Blu del Barrio 26 2021-12-02
"All Is Possible" 4x04 "All Is Possible" Mary Wiseman 25 2021-12-09
"The Examples" 4x05 "The Examples" Anthony Rapp 25 2021-12-16
"Stormy Weather" 4x06 "Stormy Weather" Jonathan Frakes 27 2021-12-23
"...But to Connect" 4x07 "...But to Connect" Doug Jones 26 2021-12-30
"All In" 4x08 "All In" Sonequa Martin-Green and David Ajala 34 2022-02-10
"Rubicon" 4x09 "Rubicon" Wilson Cruz 25 2022-02-17
"The Galactic Barrier" 4x10 DIS: "The Galactic Barrier" and PIC Season 2 Glenn Hetrick 27 2022-02-24
Picard (Season 2)
"The Star Gazer" 4x11 "The Star Gazer" Patrick Stewart 34 2022-03-03
"Penance" 4x12 "Penance" John de Lancie 33 2022-03-10
"Coming Home" 4x13 DIS: "Coming Home" Sonequa Martin-Green, Michelle Paradise, and Olatunde Osunsanmi 35 2022-03-17
"Watcher" 4x14 "Watcher" Lea Thompson and Ito Aghayere 29 2022-03-24
"Fly Me to the Moon" 4x15 "Fly Me to the Moon" Annie Wersching 25 2022-03-31
"Two of One" 4x16 "Two of One" Jonathan Frakes and Brent Spiner 34 2022-04-07
"Monsters" 4x17 "Monsters" Ito Aghayere 34 2022-04-14
"Mercy" 4x18 "Mercy" Jeri Ryan and Santiago Cabrera 34 2022-04-21
"Hide and Seek" 4x19 "Hide and Seek" Evan Evagora and Michelle Hurd 28 2022-04-28
Strange New Worlds (Season 1)
"Strange New Worlds" 4x20 SNW: "Strange New Worlds" and PIC: "Farewell" Akiva Goldsman and Anson Mount 31 2022-05-03
"Children of the Comet" 4x21 "Children of the Comet" Celia Rose Gooding and Henry Alonso Myers 26 2022-05-12
"Ghosts of Illyria" 4x22 "Ghosts of Illyria" Rebecca Romijn and Akela Cooper 28 2022-05-19
"Memento Mori" 4x23 "Memento Mori" Christina Chong and Davy Perez 28 2022-05-26
"Spock Amok" 4x24 "Spock Amok" Ethan Peck and Gia Sandhu 33 2022-06-02
"Lift Us Where Suffering Cannot Reach" 4x25 "Lift Us Where Suffering Cannot Reach" Alex Kurtzman 56 2022-06-09
"The Serene Squall" 4x26 "The Serene Squall" Jess Bush 31 2022-06-16
"The Elysian Kingdom" 4x27 "The Elysian Kingdom" Babs Olusanmokun and Melissa Navia 30 2022-06-23
"All Those Who Wander" 4x28 "All Those Who Wander" Bruce Horak 28 2022-06-30
"A Quality of Mercy" 4x29 "A Quality of Mercy" Ethan Peck and Henry Alonso Myers 34 2022-07-07


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