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The Ready Room PIC season 5 title card

The title card for season 5


Title Episode Topic Guest(s) Runtime Original airdate
Picard (Season 3)
"The Next Generation" 5x01 "The Next Generation" Patrick Stewart and Gates McFadden 45 2023-02-16
"Disengage" 5x02 "Disengage" Ed Speleers 45 2023-02-23
"Seventeen Seconds" 5x03 "Seventeen Seconds" Jonathan Frakes 34 2023-03-02
"No Win Scenario" 5x04 "No Win Scenario" Todd Stashwick 34 2023-03-09
"Imposters" 5x05 "Imposters" Michael Dorn and Michelle Hurd 35 2022-03-16
"The Bounty" 5x06 "The Bounty" LeVar Burton, Mica Burton, and Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut 35 2022-03-23
"Dominion" 5x07 "Dominion" Tim Russ 34 2022-03-30
"Surrender" 5x08 "Surrender" Brent Spiner 32 2022-04-06
"Võx" 5x09 "Võx" Jonathan Frakes and Elizabeth Dennehy 35 2022-04-15
"The Last Generation" 5x10 "The Last Generation" Jeri Ryan and Terry Matalas 35 2022-04-22
Strange New Worlds (Season 2)
"The Broken Circle" 5x11 "The Broken Circle" Ethan Peck 31 2023-06-15
"Ad Astra per Aspera" 5x12 "Ad Astra per Aspera" Rebecca Romijn 29 2023-06-22
"Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow" 5x13 "Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow" Paul Wesley 32 2023-06-29
"Among the Lotus Eaters" 5x14 "Among the Lotus Eaters" Anson Mount 32 2023-07-06
"Charades" 5x15 "Charades" Jess Bush 29 2023-07-13
"Lost in Translation" 5x16 "Lost in Translation" Celia Rose Gooding and Carol Kane 31 2023-07-20
"Those Old Scientists" 5x17 "Those Old Scientists" Jack Quaid, Tawny Newsome, and Jonathan Frakes 30 2023-07-23
"Under the Cloak of War" 5x18 "Under the Cloak of War" Babs Olusanmokun and Melissa Navia 35 2023-07-23
"Subspace Rhapsody" 5x19 "Subspace Rhapsody" Christina Chong 33 2023-08-03
"Hegemony" 5x20 "Hegemony" J. Alan Scott 33 2023-08-10


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