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Benjamin Sisko asks Nog, hoping for entrance to Starfleet Academy, to accompany and guide a young Klingon officer named Gronn, the son of Commander Wartok, on a diplomatic mission to Ferenginar. At a casino on the planet, Nog and Gronn learn about each others' cultures and form the beginnings of a friendship.

Background information[]

  • Aron Eisenberg (the actor who played Nog) co-wrote the story of the comic. Eisenberg commented: "I met the comic people at a convention in Vegas and I asked why they don't put Nog in the comics more often? They said why didn't I come over and write a story! That caught me by surprise so I called Mark Paniccia, the editor, and we became good friends. We had a brunch and I told him about my ideas, which he loved, so both of us wrote it. In the story Sisko calls Nog up and sends him on a mission just like he is in Starfleet. Nog has to take a Klingon to the Ferengi homeworld. Nog doesn't like Klingons too much and Sisko tells him he is going to have to deal with people he doesn't like as a Starfleet officer. So Nog agrees and there is a whole story about taking this Klingon, who is studying to become a diplomat, to his race's homeworld. It is a good story". ("In For a Penny, In For a Pound", Star Trek: The Official Fan Club of the UK Magazine issue 8)
  • This was the second of two books in the "Celebrity Series" published by Malibu Comics.
Rules Diplomacy title

The title card of the issue

  • The title card is done as if the original title were "The Rules of Acquisition", but changed at the last moment to "The Rules of Diplomacy" by writing overtop of the old title.
  • Phil Crain contributed an editorial commenting on his impressions of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and how the character of Nog represents "the kid in us, and that's what Nog represents; a purity of soul we all hope we'll never lose."
  • Chris Kipiniak contributed a two page biography of Eisenberg to finish the issue.



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