The Spectre was one of The Clown's creations in Viorsa's virtual reality program. He was approximately nine feet tall and appeared to be a combination of Bigfoot and a rotting corpse.

The Spectre greeted Harry Kim and B'Elanna Torres shortly after their entry into the program and was present throughout most of their ordeal. When The Clown was feeling glum, the Spectre suggested that he take his frustrations out on the hostages rather than the other characters, which inspired The Clown to play the "insect game." When Torres was attempting to disable the program from the real world, the Spectre was one of the last characters to disappear, alerting The Clown to the rapidly disappearing environment before he followed suit. (VOY: "The Thaw")

The Spectre was played by Carel Struycken.
His name, simply "Spectre", came from the script, which also described him as "a tall figure wearing an alien version of a Day-of-the-Dead mask – he's a little creepy."