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Pinewood Toronto Stage 4 7 8

Stage 8 (bottom right) showing the Shenzhou bridge and ready room sets

The Star Trek Stage

Cast and crew of Star Trek: Discovery standing outside the newly renamed stage

The Star Trek Stage (previously known as Pinewood Toronto Stage 8) is an 18,000 square foot stage located on the Pinewood Toronto Studios lot in Toronto, Canada.

For the production of Star Trek: Discovery, Stage 8 housed the USS Shenzhou bridge and adjoining ready room. [1] It was later used as the ISS Shenzhou bridge, and was redressed for DIS Season 2 to serve as the NCIA-93 bridge, along with green screen filming. [2]

The stage was used during the filming of Star Trek: Section 31.

In 2024, Stage 8 was renamed "The Star Trek Stage" in the franchise's honor. [3]


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