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The Tragic Sense of Life

The Tragic Sense of Life was a philosophical book written by the Human, Miguel de Unamuno.

A copy of this book, published by Abyssus, was owned by Captain Cristóbal Rios in 2399. (PIC: "The End is the Beginning") Agnes Jurati tried to strike up a conversation with Rios and teased him about reading a paper book. She then asked him what it was about, and he replied that it concerned "The existential pain of living with the consciousness of death and how it defines us as Human beings." Jurati considered this a "conversation killer". (PIC: "Absolute Candor")

The Tragic Sense of Life (Del sentimiento trágico de la vida) was written in 1912. Even though Rios is fluent in Spanish, his copy is an English translation.

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