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The most popular guest characters to appear in the original Star Trek series spoke no lines.
Small of stature and quite round in shape these life-forms made their lasting contribution to the Federation by eating, reproducing and, occasionally, by hissing at the nearest Klingon. Of all the beings ever encountered on the historic five-year mission, only this species managed to upstage the captain, and the entire Enterprise crew for that matter, by quietly being themselves.
We're talking about tribbles, of course.
Remember, they aren't just any furballs – they're tribbles, the most fabulous furballs in the galaxy!

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  • Introduction
  • What We Do Know About Tribbles
  • What We Don't Know About Tribbles
  • What We Sort of Know About Tribbles: The Missing Chapter: "More Tribbles, More Troubles"
  • Does Your Tribble Have a Pedigree?
  • Twelve Great Jokes That Haven't Been Written... Yet
  • What Becomes a Legend Most?
  • Enquiring Minds Want to Know! How Did the Tribble Cross the Road?
  • How Do You Stuff a Wild Tribble?
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