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DVD release
Series: TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT, and 10 feature films
No. of episodes: 694 + 10 feature films
No. of discs: 212
Director: various
Region 1 release date: 15 November 2005
Year: 2151-2379

The Ultimate Star Trek Collection contains ten Star Trek films and every aired episode except those of the animated series. This was originally announced by as ASIN B000BIBGR2 in late November 2005; it has since been labeled as "an exclusive" and renumbered as ASIN B000K9KW2C with a release date of 21 November 2006. As of November 2016, it is listed as "currently unavailable" (as it appears to have been since its original announcement). A similar Blu-ray Disc collection was announced containing just the films.



The ten Star Trek feature films in two-disc special editions:

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