"Granted, this looks like the briefing room, but these aren't the people I knew! No-one behaved like this! Well, aside from Mr. Paris."

List of The Voyager Encounter holograms created by the Kyrians. (VOY: "Living Witness")

Named hologramsEdit

B'Elanna Torres was the ship's Transporter chief, not the Chief Engineer. Torres did not appear on screen, due to actress Roxann Dawson giving birth to her child. All holograms were played by the performers who played their real life counterparts.

Unnamed hologramsEdit

Borg warrior drones Edit

Theses three warrior drones were a complement of Borg under the leadership of Seven of Nine who were part of the crew of the Warship Voyager, according to The Voyager Encounter a holographic simulation in the Museum of Kyrian Heritage, which depicted Voyager's biogenic attacks on the Kyrians at the start of the Great War.

The warrior drones neutralized a group of Kyrians who beamed into main engineering. (VOY: "Living Witness")

Kazon crewmember Edit

Kazon crewmember kyrian hologram

A Kazon crewmember

This Kazon crewmember was among the security guards serving on the bridge of the Voyager during the simulation of the attack against the Kyrian-Vaskan homeworld. (VOY: "Living Witness")

Played by an unknown performer.

Kyrian commandos Edit

These Kyrians were a group of three who entered the machine room of the Voyager in the fictitious account of events. They activated Seven of Nine who assimilated them with her assimilation tubules. (VOY: "Living Witness")

These Kyrians were played by two stunt performers and one background extra, none of whom received credit.

Kyrian torture victim Edit

Tortured Kyrian

A tortured Kyrian

This Kyrian male was being tortured for refusing to reveal the location of his leader, Tedran. Harry Kim was in charge of the interrogation, and when his beatings of the Kyrian failed to produce the information, The Doctor injected the Kyrian with a solution that caused intense pain and dissolved his brain. Chakotay promised to have The Doctor reverse the solution's effects if the Kyrian provided the information, which he did. Chakotay told Janeway that the Kyrian was very cooperative in the end. Like most of the information that was provided by the Kyrians about Voyager's involvement in the civil war with the Vaskans, this scenario was not true. (VOY: "Living Witness")

This Kyrian was played by an unknown actor.

Tedran's aide Edit

Tedrans accomplice

Tedran's accomplice

Tedran's aide was captured by Voyager and executed by Captain Janeway, along with Tedran, when he refused to reveal the location of his troops. This was what the Kyrians believed, although they were proven wrong when Quarren discovered the Voyager's EMH. (VOY: "Living Witness")

She was played by Nancy Conn. As a background actress, she received no credit for her appearance.

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