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Back on the USS Discovery, Michael Burnham and the crew are faced with the harsh reality of the war during their absence. In order to move forward, Starfleet must use unconventional tactics and sources to take their next action against the Klingons.


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Memorable quotes

"The Discovery's been through... an inconceivable ordeal."
"Then where the hell is her commanding officer?"
"Captain Lorca... is dead."

- Sarek and Katrina Cornwell

"Bastard! The Lorca I came up with was measured, he was reasoned. I couldn't have imagined..."
"That Lorca was an impostor from an alternate universe was not the most obvious conclusion. We were all deceived."

- Katrina Cornwell and Sarek, on Lorca's true colors

"We are at war. Logic dictates that each farewell may be our last. Do not regret loving someone, Michael."

- Sarek's parting advice to Michael Burnham

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  • Admiral Cornwell, in her speech to the Discovery's crew, told them their visit would be the first to Qo'noS since Captain Jonathan Archer and the Enterprise crew first visited Qo'noS "nearly one hundred years ago". Enterprise visited the planet in ENT: "Broken Bow", but since that episode is set slightly more than a century ago, we can assume, Cornwell just simplified the time passed since Archer's visit to Qo'noS.
  • It is revealed that the ISS Discovery was destroyed by Klingons after crossing into the prime universe, trading places with its counterpart. Starfleet has found the debris and presumed it was the USS Discovery.
  • Starbase 1 is revealed to be one hundred astronomical units from Earth (in the outer Solar system) and now under Klingon control. A Starbase 1 was previously seen in Earth orbit in the alternate reality. Three starships were lost and several senior Starfleet officers were killed when they took the starbase.
  • The Federation Council allows the mirror Emperor Philippa Georgiou to assume the identity of her prime universe counterpart to lead a strike against the Klingon homeworld to end the war.
  • The Klingon homeworld Qo'noS is revealed to be a series of caves, one even large enough to hold a Crossfield-class starship like the USS Discovery. In the mirror universe, Qo'noS is a blackened ruin.
  • It was stated that in the mirror universe the Terran Empire controls more territory than the Federation and has explored further than they have dared.
  • Starfleet highly classifies all information on the Discovery's visit to the mirror universe. This could explain how the mirror Jonathan Archer could find no information on the Terran Empire in the USS Defiant's 2268 database, meaning the Halkan incident was also so classified by Starfleet, though at some point it was declassified as Bashir told Kira he read about Kirk's crossover at Starfleet Academy, as stated in DS9: "Crossover".

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agri-transport vessel; Archer, Jonathan; au; Battle of the Binary Stars; cancer; cave; choH'a'; class 4 moon; cloaking device; Delta 2; Discovery, ISS; EM dart; Enterprise NX-01; geostationary orbit; House of D'Ghor; House of Mo'Kai; hypothermic charge; Iridin; Kelfour VI; Klingon raider; Lorca, Gabriel; Lorca, Gabriel; mitochondria; mycelial bloom; mycelial ejection protocol; mycelial network; mycelial transport vessel; Nivalla; Qo'noS; Saratoga, USS; Septra; species reassignment protocol; spore harvest; Starbase 1; Starbase 12; Starbase 19; Starbase 22; terraforming; Veda system; volcano

Star chart references

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Delta 2 locations

Apollodorus; Barma; Calvino; Chu Ta; Enwonwu Mountain Range; Holbein; Hun Kal; Rameau

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