Author: David Gerrold
Original Publish Date: May 1973
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Pages: 274
Reference #: SBN 345-23403-0-150

The World of Star Trek, 'the Show the Network Could Not Kill!' is a reference book written by David Gerrold (the man who wrote "The Trouble with Tribbles"), and published by Ballantine Books in 1973. The book explores the creation of Star Trek: The Original Series, and provides an in-depth analysis of the writing of the series. It was re-printed in 1984, and included information up to and including Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.


From Book Jacket:

GENE RODDENBERRY'S brilliant conception--the first viable science fiction world designed for a TV series
THE SHOW ITSELF, and the people who created it--the writers, the stars, the technicians
THE FANS--the world the show created--and how they kept STAR TREK alive in the face of network opposition
With Sixty-four pages of pictures from the episodes themselves, and with original photos by Stan Burns...

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