Theta 116 VIII, remastered

Theta VIII, the location of the recreation of the Royale Hotel

The Theta 116 system was a planetary system that had remained unmapped by the United Federation of Planets until 2365, containing at least eight planets.

That year, the scattered remains of the 21st century Earth spaceship Charybdis were discovered in orbit of Theta VIII in this system by a Klingon cruiser. Subsequently the USS Enterprise-D entered orbit to investigate. (TNG: "The Royale")

A scene ultimately removed from the final version of "The Royale" describes Theta VIII further; "Ship's log, stardate 42625.4, First Officer Riker reporting. We have achieved orbit around Theta Eight [...] the planet furthest from its sun in this previously unmapped solar system. It is a world of ruthless realities: particularly harsh, barren, and inhospitable." [1]
Before "The Royale", two other Theta planets have been mentioned in Star Trek. Theta III seen on a star chart and Theta VII, a colony planet, where USS Enterprise delivered vaccines after the events in TOS: "Obsession" set in 2265.
According to Star Trek Maps (p. 30), the Theta VII colony was located around the star Theta. According to the FASA source book The Federation it was in the Theta Gamma system.

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