Think Tank vessel

The Think Tank vessel

The "Think Tank" vessel was a type of starship operated by the "Think Tank", described by Kurros as being a "modest vessel". In fact, this vessel was incredibly advanced, as it was composed of a neutronium-based alloy that made it very resilient. The vessel spent most of its time hidden in subspace. Because of this, most vessels could not detect or attack it; the only indication of its presence was a brief subspace flux before it entered normal space. The vessel's offensive systems were impressive as well; the directed energy weapons (sixteen weapon hardpoints in all) were able to target and fire on multiple vessels at once.

Think Tank vessel under attack

Think Tank vessel under attack

They were also able to make use of complex isomorphic projections, similar to holograms. This was the main form of communication used by the Think Tank. The isomorphic projections were so advanced, they could even taste food.

Due to the diverse nature of the Think Tank, a sort of universal translator was necessary. The ship had a telepathic communications system, known as the "dome", which was built into the floor of the main chamber. This device not only allowed the members to communicate with each other, but also with other species, and the ship itself. (VOY: "Think Tank")

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