Cadet Thira Sidhu was a Human female who served as a Federation Starfleet engineering officer during the mid-23rd century. (ST: "Ask Not")


Sidhu was married. She and her husband were the sole survivors of the Tholian attack on Berellium.

As cadets, Sidhu and her husband applied for service in the engineering department aboard the USS Enterprise under the command of Captain Christopher Pike. Told they had both been rejected, Sidhu's husband was assigned to the USS Bouman, while Sidhu herself was assigned to Starbase 28.

While Sidhu was working in the facility's inventory section, Starbase 28 came under apparent attack by the Tholians. Instructed to watch over a prisoner, Sidhu was surprised to learn that he was Captain Pike, who had been charged with mutiny. Though Pike attempted to convince Sidhu to free him, the cadet stood her ground, going so far as to threaten to shoot the captain. This prompted Pike to reveal the situation to be a simulation to test her resolve in a difficult situation.

Sidhu was then escorted by Pike aboard the USS Enterprise where she was greeted by Number One and Lieutenant Spock. Pike then revealed Sidhu's new assignment: engineering aboard the Enterprise. (ST: "Ask Not")

Cadet Sidhu was played by Amrit Kaur.
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