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A massive building on Earth housed the supreme headquarters of the Space Federation – the organization which had banded together the peoples of planets all over the nearer universe against hostile space empires...


Lured to the hitherto unknown planet Plixes, Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock are taken prisoner while the planetary leaders Gokron and Chekra, by means of advanced science, assume their bodies and minds. Gokron and Chekra then have themselves beamed to a Federation conference – their mission to destroy every delegate and disrupt the whole Federation.

Memorable quotes

"Surprised, Captain, and Mr. Spock? It is not often that a man meets himself!"

- Kirk's double – Gokron

"One chapter of adventure closes, Mr. Spock... and another opens! Who knows what fate will bring us next...?"
"A deep question, Captain. And even the logical mind has no answer for it!"

- Kirk and Spock

Background information

Setting and technology

Kirk and Spock talk about the dungeons

  • The Enterprise has "ultra-range" transporters.

Publishing history

None of the UK weekly stories had titles.


Regular cast

Other characters

  • Gokron, a Plixes leader
  • Chekra, a Plixes aide
  • Brad, a Starfleet guard

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