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In command of he giant starship Enterprise, Captain Kirk had destroyed a Klingon battle fleet and saved the planet Thark from being plundered. Now Kirk and his crew returned to their role of peaceful exploration and contact…


In a conflict between the planet Sklurr and her Romulan-controlled neighbor Karr, Captain Kirk and the ruler of Sklurr are captured by Romulans and destined to amuse the mob by facing the perils of the arena.

Memorable quotes[]

"It – it was as though Enterprise was being squeezed– by a gigantic nutcracker!"

- Spock

"Good grief! Get back! It's occupied… by some kind of giant snail!"

- Kirk

Background information[]

Setting and technology[]

Kirk makes contact with sentient snails

Kirk contacts the sentient snails

  • This story picks up shortly after the prior story, placing it between 2267 and 2269.
  • The Romulans are portrayed as Roman soldiers.
  • The shuttle has a registry of NCC-1701-3. Shuttle "NCC-1701/3" was named Icarus in the apocryphal story "The Flat, Gold Forever".

Publishing history[]

None of the UK weekly stories had titles.


Regular cast[]

Other characters[]

  • Nereus, Romulan commander

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