A Monean starship emerges from their water planet.
Series: VOY
Episode: 5x09
Original Airdate: 1998-12-09
Production Number: 202
Year: 2375
Stardate: 52179.4
Story by: Scott Miller
Teleplay by: Kenneth Biller
Directed by: Winrich Kolbe

Voyager finds a vast inhabited ocean floating in space, but it is in danger of destruction.



Background Information

  • After 5 years of references, the infamous Delaney sisters appear for the first time.
  • Tom Paris is reduced in rank to ensign.

Links and References

Guest Stars


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea; brig; Culhane; Jenny Delaney; Megan Delaney; Delta Flyer; Demonica; Federation Naval Patrol; Constance Goodheart; Harry Kim; Leola root; Malicia; Monean; Monean Maritime Sovereignty; Owen Paris; Tom Paris; Prime Directive; Captain Proton; The Twin Mistresses of Evil; Jules Verne

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