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Thom Williams (born 16 November 1973; age 46) is a stuntman and stunt actor who performed stunts as a Klingon soldier in the Star Trek: Enterprise fourth season episode "Borderland".

Williams was born in Denton, Texas. He has doubled for actors such as Ethan Suplee, Greg Grunberg, Oliver Platt, Jon Favreau and Chris Penn, and has appeared in over 100 films and television series. He has been married to Michelle. Their first son, Caleb Michael Williams, was born on 29 March 2007.

Williams has worked on several projects overseen by J.J. Abrams, the director and a producer of 2009's Star Trek. From 2003 through 2005, Williams was a stunt performer and double on Abrams' television series Alias. More recently, Williams did stunts on Mission: Impossible III (directed by Abrams and featuring Tracy Middendorf, Ellen Bry, Douglas Price, Steve Blalock, Ator Tamras; with Joey Box as assistant stunt coordinator) and an episode of Lost (co-created by Abrams and Damon Lindelof). In addition, Williams performed stunts on the 2007 blockbuster Transformers (featuring Glenn Morshower, Andy Milder, Boni Yanagisawa, and Shauna Duggins), which, like Star Trek and M:i:III, were written by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.

His other stunt projects include multiple episodes of such television series as Birds of Prey (featuring Dina Meyer, Ian Abercrombie, Katie Rowe, and Anita Hart), Angel, Charmed, Carnivale, 24 (featuring the likes of Gregory Itzin and Glenn Morshower), Monk, and My Name Is Earl. He has also worked on TV shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Grey's Anatomy, CSI: Miami, NCIS, and Brannon Braga's Threshold (starring Brent Spiner).

Williams has worked with one-time Star Trek: Voyager guest star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on three films: 2003's The Rundown (featuring William Lucking and Todd Stashwick), 2006's Southland Tales (with John Larroquette, Holmes Osborne and Wallace Shawn), and the upcoming Get Smart. Williams' other feature film stunt credits include 2004's Starsky & Hutch (featuring Fred Williamson, David Soul, Scott L. Schwartz, and Darlena Tejeiro), and 2005's Bewitched (featuring Todd Stashwick, Patricia Tallman and Joni Avery) and The Longest Yard (starring James Cromwell and Ed Lauter).

In 2006, Williams received stunt credit in eight feature films, including Mission: Impossible III. The other films included Poseidon, World Trade Center, The Prestige (featuring Daniel Davis and Christopher Neame), and Smokin' Aces. The latter film featured Chris Pine, Maury Sterling and Joseph Ruskin in supporting roles. Subsequent stunt film credits include Blades of Glory (2007), Semi-Pro (2008), Superhero Movie (2008, starring Robert Joy, Christopher McDonald and Brent Spiner), and Crossing Over (2008, starring Ashley Judd). He also appeared as Santa Claus in Kickin It.

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