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Thomas Harewood was a Starfleet officer in the mid-23rd century, and a member of Section 31. He was the husband of Rima Harewood and the father of Lucille Harewood.

With his daughter near death in a London hospital, Harewood was approached by "John Harrison" with the promise that he could save the girl's life (for a price). Harrison then transfused a small amount of his genetically enhanced blood into Lucille, which healed her.

In exchange, Harrison, who was in reality Khan Noonien Singh, coerced Harewood to ignite a bomb in the sub-basement of the Kelvin Memorial Archive, which leveled the building, killing forty-two people, including Harewood himself, in the process. This act instigated a top-level meeting of Starfleet personnel at Starfleet Headquarters, which then allowed Khan the opportunity to attempt to assassinate Admiral Alexander Marcus in revenge for the presumed death of his crew. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

Thomas Harewood was portrayed by actor Noel Clarke. This character was only named in the source's end credits.
He is pictured on card #59, Lieutenant T. Harewood, of the virtual collectible card battle game Star Trek: Rivals.
In a deleted scene, he spoke briefly to Admiral Marcus before setting off the explosion, giving him a message from "John Harrison".

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