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Thomas J. Arp is a studio set construction worker contracted by Paramount. As such, he worked as the construction coordinator on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Enterprise, and three of the Star Trek films. At least three characters in the Star Trek universe were named for him, T. Arp, Tom Arp, and Thomas Arp (Starfleet).

Arp was honored by the name of The Tom Arp Trio, a musical group seen on a poster advertising acts at the Rendezvous Dance Club in DS9: "Far Beyond the Stars". (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion (p. 536))

Prior to his work on Star Trek, Arp worked with Trek production designer Herman Zimmerman on two unsold sitcom pilots: Clippers (produced by Eddie Murphy) and Knights of the Kitchen Table. He also worked with Trek art director Randy McIlvain on the hit series Webster and an unsold pilot for a series based on Paramount Pictures's hit film, Coming to America.

Arp was the construction coordinator on the Paramount television series Brooklyn Bridge, which aired on CBS from 1991 through 1993. Other television shows he worked on include Day by Day and American Dreamer (both of which, like Brooklyn Bridge and Kitchen Table, are from producer Gary David Goldberg), The Royal Family, Local Heroes (working with Ron Wilkinson), Becker, and The Trouble with Normal. Another TV project he worked on, called Without a Clue, was produced by Steve Oster.

In addition, he was the construction coordinator for the Paramount films Let It Ride (1989) and Jennifer Eight (1992). He worked in the same capacity for re-shoots of the 2000 Paramount movie Lucky Numbers.

Arp most recently worked on the short-lived NBC series Heist (2006) for Sony Pictures Television, the crime series Justice (2006-2007, starring Victor Garber), and the science fiction series Heroes (2007-2010, starring Zachary Quinto, and with art department staff Frank Leasure, Owen Martin, Victor M. Shannon, Dave DeGaetano, Joey Genitempo, Jack White, and Karl J. Martin).

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