Thopok was a Klingon and the commander of Lady Grilka's guard.

In early 2373, he accompanied Grilka and her adviser Tumek to Deep Space 9. He strongly objected to Quark's courtship of Grilka. He challenged Quark to combat to the death. With Worf's help and use of an attached a device that let him control Quark's movements, Quark was able to defeat Thopok. But instead of killing him, Quark delivered Thopok's sword to Grilka, allowing her to discharge Thopok while letting him retain his honor. (DS9: "Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places")

Thopok was played by Trek regular guest star Phil Morris.
Morris commented: "I played a Klingon that was such a bad-ass, he got exiled from the Klingons". ("No Small Step Into History", Star Trek Communicator, issue 130)

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